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Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2017 - Taurus

Taurus The coming year is likely to be a tough year, full of challenges for your sign. The year spells difficulties at work; some pressing issues in personal relationships will arise that will require quite a bit of effort from your side and money matters will also be disrupting your peace of mind. The period that you need to watch out for especially is April to July. One of the ways to mitigate damages is to adopt the diplomatic approach and a mellow disposition.

Health & Wellness

You are likely to be under a cloud for most part this year. There are too many worries and tensions to be sorted out. The area that takes the most beating is your sleep. Make sure that you do not blow things out of proportion in your own mind as this will unnecessarily aggravate the aggressiveness that is already so pronounced. You could suffer from joint pains, shoulder pain, diseases related to the nervous system etc. Indigestion and stomach related disorders could also affect you. The good part is that even though you suffer ill-health, it will not be able to hamper your functioning. You need to watch out for sprains and similar injuries in the first half of the year.

Business & Career

The coming year will be rife with professional challenges. You could get insecure about your current job or about prospects if you are seeking a new one. Stock markets and speculation should be kept away from completely or you will burn your hands badly. Avoid making any fresh investments in this year. Play safe and it will do you good to remain content with your existing portfolio. There could be chances of transfer for those employed in services. If you hold position of authority at work, avoid introducing any radical innovations as they are likely to be unsuccessful in achieving the purpose they had been introduced for. It will also be worthwhile to put any plans on hold for incorporating a new business or diversifying into a new field. Financial stress is very likely so please avoid unnecessary expenses. There could be loss of wealth also. You need to avoid giving out loans as realizing it could become a very difficult and a long drawn task. Chances of acquiring property or buying a house are indicated towards the end months. You could also be faced with a breach of trust in a situation where you have loaned out money or helped an individual. Success in professional sphere is likely but you will have to work really hard to achieve it. Do not put your signatures to documents without reading thoroughly through them; it could lead you into legal wrangles that you had not even thought of.

Family, Love and Relationships
The coming year is likely to be a tough year for you in matter of relationships. It will do good to leave aside hot headedness and hardliner approach whenever there is a disagreement with a loved one. There could be misunderstandings over small issues. Make it a point to clarify your position calmly. There will be some anxiety as ill-health of spouse and parents, as well is indicated. It will be advisable not to engage in any controversies with relatives or extended family or even office colleagues as there are chances of getting your name sullied in addition to the mental upset it may cause. Those who are single and looking for a suitable match could get married but in the first half of the year. Couples who have been living separately for the sake of work/ business could get an opportunity to live together again.

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