Spirituality in Zoroastrianism

Spirituality in ZoroastrianismThe word spirituality is derived from the term "spirit". "Spirit" has no size, form or weight and therefore, it cannot be described physically. Ahura Mazda, the Divine Fravashis and the Yazatas are Divine "Spirits" having no physical existence. Their spiritual essence is present in material manifestation but the "Spirit" itself is beyond the physical.

Like "Spirit", the Soul is the purely immortal, immaterial and divine principle which resides in the heart of man. Consequently, spirituality is the experience, the direct communion between two Divine Entities, the "Spirit" and the Soul. Anyone who has had a spiritual experience knows that such an experience cannot be described with mere words and that spiritual experiences are much more profound relative to the psychic ones.

Different prophets have revealed different spiritual disciplines to their followers to attain spirituality. According to the Fravardin Yasht, "manthra spenta" is the Soul of Ahura Mazda. It is the embodiment of Cosmic Energy originating from Ahura Mazda Who is the Source of Endless Light. Being at the very root of Nature, "staot" brings into existence the space-time continuum.

Spirituality is enhanced through prayers. During prayers, the Soul becomes the receptacle of higher spiritual consciousness and attunes itself in direct communion with the Divine through sound, motion and devotional thought vibrations which constitute the Divine Light (waves of energy). Sound and light, both being functions of waves of energy, the sounds of "staot" uttered physically are absorbed into the rays of Divine Light instantly.

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