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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility

Aquarius To Capricorn


Match Making Aquarius CapricornAquarius and Capricorn partners create a mysterious combination of energies. The planet Saturn, which means they have certain qualities in common, such as stability and predictability, rules both of them but Aquarius also has the influence of Uranus, which leads to unpredictability. On the other hand, maybe these opposite natures are just what both need. They are two sides of the same coin. Capricorn need a bit of a push to move out of their comfort zone and Aquarius needs a steady hand to keep them anchored in the ups and downs. Capricorn tastes in other areas of life also differ from the Aquarian partner. Capricorns like antiques, and traditional art, where Aquarius likes more modern furnishings and abstract art. There could be the same sorts of differences in their musical tastes also. There are also some qualms in the area of intimacy. The explorer in Aquarius will make Capricorn feel a little sober and boring. If Capricorn take up some of the exciting sexual opportunities on offer it could bring them together far more quickly. Capricorns are enlightened by their excursions into new territory, and Aquarius might learn that a bit of old-fashioned lovemaking is just as pleasurable as anything else. Both of them should exercise a little open-mindedness in these matters, focus on their similarities rather than the differences, and give the other person’s style a go.  

Emotional Compatibility

Capricorn is the steady and reliable type and Aquarius is good at making friends. When this pair unites they work well as they bring out the best in one another. Capricorn travels slowly and adopts a conservative approach to most things. Aquarius is full of beans and keen to get involved almost at the drop of a hat. Loyalty is a strong point for both so once this pair agree to become a team, they will have a deep love for each other and form a partnership, which is girded with steel. They clash in some basic ways. Capricorn is very well organized and does everything according to a plan. Aquarius finds routine a dead-set bore and wants to get cracking without rules and regulations. Each can teach the other some important new skills. Capricorn can loosen up a little and Aquarius can learn the benefits of a stable and well-planned lifestyle.  

Professional Compatibility 

In career matters, Capricorn and Aquarius work extremely well together, meeting few emotional difficulties. It cannot be denied that their feelings seldom enter into the picture anyway, since the thoughtful and often intellectual content of what they are most important. Particularly good at planning out projects and campaigns, they also have the tenacity to see their plans through. Aquarius people think and plan so far ahead, with such an odd mixture of practicality and vision, their ideas and ideals may not manifest for many years thus, they appear to be dreamers to the average mind, particularly to the level-headed Capricorn. Capricorn must always remember that Aquarius is the sign of genius and insanity, in just about equal proportions. The Capricorn sympathizes with neither. In fact, to most Capricorns, the two words are synonymous. So there could be problems of communication. Capricorns are thoroughly traditional, and love to stick to the tried and tested, whereas Aquarius believes that existing structures must be broken down. They’re not content with things as they are, and are constantly pushing situations to the limit. 

Romantic Compatibility 

This relationship will be subject to changes of moods, routine and attitudes. Many personal readjustments will have to be made on both sides although these may not be easy to achieve because Aquarius is independent and stubborn about personal ideas while Capricorn can never fathom why Aquarius sometimes becomes unpredictable and capricious. This behavior undermines Capricorn's desire for stability and security. The first thing that the careful Capricorn has got to find out is whether unusual Uranus or safer Saturn rules their Aquarian amour.  

If it is that ringed ruler Saturn, then the Aquarian in question will be so saturnine they'll seem similar to the gorgeous goats. If the Aquarian is activated by unorthodox Uranus, this twosome will get together well. So it'll be a relationship of extremes for a Uranus ruled Aquarian and a careful Capricorn, but if the water carrier's guiding light is Saturn, they'll be kindred spirits. What the clever Capricorn must never forget when they've found one of these water carriers is that Aquarians of all shapes and sizes need some adventure and excitement to perk up their lives.  

Marital Compatibility 

Capricorns are really serious-minded folks. They are one of most practical people around. They can’t bear anything that is illogical and nonfactual. Even they like their jokes to be practical. Most of the times, they seek to live safe and secure lives, and that’s what makes them ‘money-minded’. The only people they care for in the world are: people they love and business associates. Aquarius does everything when people least expect it, that might shock the people. To Aquarius, a thing is reasonable if it adds to the understanding of the world, no matter what other people might think. They are never afraid of two things, first, outcomes of the crazy things they do and second, what other people will think of him. They make their own social customs and set their own rules. They live in their own world, that’s why these people sometimes look so strange and unreal. Aquarius have in common a most curious and inquiring nature. While the Capricorns are still trying to reach the mountain peak of their ambitions, however, they avoid foolishness and stupidity of all kinds. The Aquarius, on the other hand, do things they want to do. Doing something that might be sheer foolishness to someone may be a genius effort to the Aquarius. One of the areas of conflict between these two is that Capricorns will never accept anything without rigid scrutiny, often through negative criticism. They can’t believe the unbelievable. Everything they do or talk is very meaningful and based on strong fundamentals.

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