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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility

Aquarius To Leo


Match Making Aquarius LeoThe compatibility of Aquarius - Leo will be akin to a yin-yang combination that will keep both the natives playing an indulgent game with each other.
Leo will be attracted by expansive interests and higher mind level of Aquarius but might feel sometimes neglected and unimportant. Although there is plenty of chemistry between the duo, Leo will be more physically inclined in nature as compared to Aquarius. Aquarius will be rather more concerned about the intellectual aspect of this relationship.
Leo will not like Aquarius’s tendency to criticize as that will deflate Leo’s ego and that is one thing Leo will never be able to tolerate. Aquarius will be too independent to simply surrender to become Leo’s pet. As per the natal charts of both Leo and Aquarius, this will be an enduring partnership but with certain cautions taken. Leo’s spontaneous and emotional nature will find a good amalgamation in the cool, aloof and detached stance of Aquarius. Leo’s loudness and quest for limelight will be in sharp contrast to rational and distant approach of Aquarius.

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Leo & Aquarius is great for a short-term fling, but cannot be counted on for very long. A Leo and Aquarius will have very strong physical chemistry, so they could be drawn together by that. Unfortunately, Leo’s are opposites in practically every other way and both the natives will dislike each other’s personalities when they get close. Leo is interested in the world. Aquarius likes to get involved in things, likes to philosophize about things and interested in justice and social causes. Meanwhile, Leo is completely into himself. The emotional chemistry of this match is great but to make this relationship work they have to shed their ego. An emotion looks like bondage to the Aquarius but what the Leo has in mind for him is closer to service. The personalities of both the natives are just too different for this match to work out. They may not even be able to stand being near him after a while! There isn’t much emotional chemistry between either. Aquarius has a very cold and sarcastic side to his personality when he’s around some people. This is brought out in a relationship between Leo and Aquarius, and his/her words of criticism can really hurt confidence of Leo.

Professional Compatibility

The Professional compatibility of Leo’s and Aquarians is better. The mutual understanding between both of them helps to have promising business association. Sometimes Leo's pride may be injured due to Aquarius flak nature. A good business relation may develop if a Leo will respect Aquarius’s liberty and discreteness and Aquarius understand his/her need for business freedom.

Also the professional compatibility of Leo’s and Aquarians match works well. Their unique talents may encourage them to cherish the great chances of profitability in their professional life. A Leo is concerned about himself/herself whereas an Aquarius is worried about the problems of the world. This combo will work if they trust and respect each other. The relationship has a good start but may end up in a different manner. Aquarius has a sarcastic nature that may boil the criticism in Leo. In that case both have to shed their professional egos. The relationship can go a little longer way if they give trust and confidence to each other.

Romantic Compatibility

The Romantic Compatibility between Leo’s and Aquarians shows confidence and intellectual power that may attract each other. Even though Leo and Aquarius do not share most of the things in common they enjoy great and intimate romance with each other. Leo and Aquarius have unique talents and attributes to share with each other---and a great gift for creating a romantic atmosphere of joy when together. Leo and Aquarius will be attracted to one another; they are zodiac opposite, which means that it can be bad as well as good connection. Leo loves the quirkiness of Aquarius, and he/she, in turn, loves her/his powerful attitude. Leo will never be sure of what Aquarius will say or do next. If anything, this romantic relationship won't be boring. This relationship can enjoy the different colors of life due to their opposite nature.

Marital Compatibility 

The marital compatibility of Leo and Aquarius will strive from beginning to end because both the natives are willful and self-centered. Both Leo and Aquarius have firm views over every topic under the sun. The best way to keep this marital compatibility afloat is that lightheartedness of Aquarius must not ignite the ill-famous temper of Leo.
Both the natives will have to be adjusting and compromising lest this marriage can become a combat zone. While Leo will be conservative and unpredictable in this marriage, Aquarius will be very progressive and much against the conventional approach.
In this marriage, both the partners will be very much attracted to each other. It will bind them together positively in a similar direction. The marital compatibility will be well suited to the temperament of both the natives notwithstanding any of the differences for very long. Both Leo and Aquarius partners will make good friends who will happily share their insights and experiences with each other. They will be good romantic couple together well suited to each other’s expectations. 

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