New Astrological Case Study on Health

New Case Study on Health in which you can see inspite of good Libra ascendant / horoscope, good placement & strength of planets, operating period of benefic planets, No affliction of malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, Mercury in nativity... How transit influence of malefic planets had given their evil impact on the native.

I am elaborating this natal and transit configuration with the consent of Mr.Deepak Mehra with the way of system approach.

Birth Details
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 18th March 1970
Time of Birth : 9.15 PM
Longitude : 75E34, Latitude 31N20
Time Zone : +5.30 GMT
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23.27, 365.25 Day Year
Current Period : Ve/Mo/Sa

Planetary Information
As 08:45 Li
Su 04:12 Pi
Mo 15:27 Cn
Ma 14:49 Ar
Me 29:26 Aq
Jur 11:25 Li
Ve 17:03 Pi
Sa 13:09 Ar
Ra 18:23 Aq
Ke 18:23 Le

During 10th Sept.1999 to 15th Sept.1999 the native was going through the period of benefic Venus/Sun from April 1999 to April 2000. The main period lord benefic Venus (lord of the nativity & prime significator for health) is placed in the 6th house (house of disease). The sub period lord Sun (lord of the overall health & stomach) is also placed in the 6th house (house of disease).

On 10th Sept.1999 the malefic impact of transiting Rahu was on native Venus. The 5th lord transit Saturn (lord of the house of stomach) was in the sign of debilitation. Saturn is also in the sign of debilitation in nativity. The transit malefic Mercury formed a close conjunction with transit benefic Moon and Sun in the 11th house on 10 Sept.1999. The native weak Mercury is also placed in the house of stomach and also has a influence on the 6th house (house of disease). The native felt a severe pain of appendix on 10th Sept.1999 due to above planetary configuration. The pain lasted for three days due to short lived transit conjunction of malefic Mercury with benefic Sun and Moon.

The native continued his job till end of April 2000 and returned home. After his vacation when he went back to rejoin the ship in early July 2000, he was advised by the consultant doctor of his company to have a surgery of Appendectomy else he may declared misfit as the reports of his earlier pain on board was with the doctor.

The native went for the surgery on 27th July 2000 without any pain or trouble. Notice, how the transit impact of the malefic planets has arrived again, which impulsed the native to go for surgery inspite of being fully fit and experiencing no pain at all. He experienced severe pain in Sept.1999 and had surgery in July 2000. Let's analyse in detail.

On 27th July 2000 the transit Rahu/Ketu was stationary in Cancer at 00 deg. 44 min. The transit malefic Rahu was operating from the house of profession in Libra chart. It was aspecting the native malefic Mercury by its 9th aspect. As I have already mentioned the native Mercury is placed in 5th house at 29 deg. 26 min. and about to transit in the 6th house.

The other affliction was of 2 deg. to the transit Mars by transit malefic Rahu in the 10th house. Besides this, the transit planets Moon, Jupiter and Saturn were transiting in the house of obstructions & hurdles. The malefic Rahu went stationary on 16th June 2000. The Jupiter and Saturn entered in the 8th house in June 2000. The placement in the 8th house of many planets and stationary influence of the malefic Rahu on weak Mercury led the native to the operating table. Due to good placement of ascendant lord transit Venus( lord of the longevity and prime significator for health) in the 10th house and good placement of transit Sun (which rules overall health) in the 10th house his surgery went successful and the native rejoined his duties in November 2000 when the impact of Rahu on weak Mercury had completely diminished in the end of Sept.2000.

According to my astrological studies and experience if the native had adopted complete Astral remedies in beginning he would not had gone through the pain & surgery and would had enjoyed his period of benefic Sun and Moon.

Authored By Indian Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja

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