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Gemstone and Indian Vedic Astrology
Since the prehistoric ages stones have played a very important art in human life. From the very beginning of human civilization the power of stones on human life was felt and used in favour of it. Gemstones, more technically various precious stones, semi precious stones and fine gems. These gemstones are used widely for astrological and ornamental purposes. Some very astonishing characteristics of these stones have been the reasons for its use as talismans, amulets etc.

Now in astrology gemstones play a very crucial role. Also it is very important to understand that selection of Gemstone is very important. Today it is very common for people who use gemstones for luck or for ornamentation. This also leads some to a critical confusion. As a right gemstone works in favour, a wrong stone can bring disasters. Also one stone favourable for one person may not be suitable for you. So guidance of experts is required before you select any gemstone for astrological purposes.

Gemstones are categorized by various means for purpose of astrology and healing. Some of the most popular categories are like:-

Planetary Gem Stones: According to ancient texts in Ayurvedic, Joytish, nine stones have planetary connections to nine planets and nodes of moon which makes them active for certain part of human body and are helpful in curing.
Zodiac Gem Stones: Gemstones in align with persons zodiac sign is also very popular. Here the best suitable stone is decided in accordance with birth. However it is important that as there are some gemstones suitable for a zodiac sign also there are gemstones which should be avoided by the same zodiac sign.

Birth Stones: According to western trend 12 stones are linked to twelve months of the year and birth stone is selected according to the month of birth. However in Indian astrology the precision level of month is not considered accurate and hence this method is less used.
Coloured Gem Stones: Some also use colour of the stone to match with the person’s characteristic colour. However these methods are very subjective and should be performed by experts only.

To get desired level of effect from gemstone the quality and purity of gemstones are also very crucial. The characteristics that classifies these gem stones are refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, cut, colour weight and lustre. There are also certified gemstones which are reliable and help you choose better.



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