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The origin of astrology can be traced back to thousands years ago perhaps even earlier. The Mayans, the Babylonians and even the cave men knew about astrology. No wonder, it is among the oldest knowledge which has developed itself with each passing time. However the applied astrology is necessarily an intrinsic understanding of persona and the effects of planetary or astronomical events on human. The main idea of astrology revolves around planets, signs, houses and the mutual relations that they bear with each other. These inter relation between planets, twelve zodiac signs and houses are known as Aspect. All these factors offer numerous possibilities and are responsible to predict a person’s horoscope.

Every region around the world practices astrological system to understand various universal entities that may affect mankind or events. There are various types of astrology but among all, the three basic types of astrology are recognised as a tool to understand the zodiac signs a person may carry along with their probable result. The key astrology types are Indian astrology, Western astrology and Chinese astrology. Whatever the types may be, astrologers do agree that astrology is a blend of science and mathematics. No wonder, astrology can help one to realize his or her potential, behavioural hindrances and personal confidence to achieve. The astrological chart drawn for a person is very unique since the planetary positions, zodiac signs and aspects during the birth time are exclusive. Thus, a horoscope chart is personified and can be well detailed to understand one’s life easily.

Long ago astrology was used to predict weather, war or natural disaster by kings and empires. Nowadays, the modern astrology use advance tools to predict and get a sync of person’s inherit trait. Though originally astrology does not directly connect a person to spiritual world yet it can be a way to introduce one to meditate and get connected to divinity. It is evident though that knowing one’s governing zodiac, we can direct our energies to right direction and obtain success in life. It somewhat provides a control to life and effort one give to make life beautiful and progressive.

Astrology has always positioned itself as a tool to improve one’s life in a positive way. It is believed that ancient practice of Yoga used astrology as a medium to gain spiritual enlightenment. Whatever process or types of astrology one follows, the fundamental purpose of it remains to guide life by developing a balance between outer self and inner self.



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