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The key difference between Indian Vedic astrology from other astrology is the fact, that Indian astrology can offer a remedy or solution for any astrological related problem. This attribute of Vedic astrology is recognized and appreciated throughout the globe and perhaps this is the reason that people of foreign countries consult Indian astrologer readily. According to Indian astrology, each planet has an effect on individual.

Most of the times problem occurs when the beneficial planet gets weaker while problem creating planet get heavier. Therefore astral remedy is a twofold approach that identifies both the weak and problem creating planets. It then strengthen the beneficial planets via various processes like gem therapy, protective guard also called Yantra. Finally astral remedy process includes offering of ‘specific charities’ to the malice planet and perform certain methods to ward off their effect.

As the saying goes, ‘prevention is always better than cure’, similarly, the preventive aspect of astral remedy is desirable than the cure. There are many advantages of astral remedies which not only enriches beneficial planetary effect but also ward of malevolent planetary effect significantly. In either case of preventive or healing astral process a blend of therapy and other astrological tools are used. Some of the well known processes involved in astral remedy are:

Gems and stone therapy: There are many planets which provides positive impact if a particular gem is worn. But one must wear gems and stone only after consulting a knowledgeable astrologer.

Colour treatment: Color therapy is an important element in astral remedy. Colour therapy act as a defensive healing process for many diseases like mental illness, epilepsy and alike. The method involves a particular favorable color to be adorned by the affected individual. Sometime a total color makeover of a home or living area is done to provide a positive aura.

Yantra– This is something like a shield to ward off evil or problems that one faces in life due to some malice planet. The Yantra is mix of mystic elements which are proprietary to the expert. It strengthen the positive planets while weakens the effect of malevolent planets. Depending o requirement your astrologer may consult you to wear it for a specific time limit oroccasion.

Vaastu – Though it is a specific field of study, but vaastu is a important factor to cure a astral hindrance. The planning of building, aspects of light and ventilation etc help in providing positive impact in both material and spiritual arena.

Mantra & Charities- This is a distinct part of astral remedy where various Vedic recitation and ritual are performed to calm down the problem creating planets. While there is a process of charity which is offered to planets solve any horoscope related issues.



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