Astral Remedies

In every horoscope / Birth Chart there are functional benefic and malefic Planets. Whenever the functional benefic planets are weak due to strength, placement, affliction and debilitation they tend to give concern, difficulties, challenges and denial. In addition, to this influence of malefic planets can cause emotional setbacks in life. There are a few types of Astral remedies by which one can ward off the evils prevalent in a birth chart / horoscope, and strengthen the weak benefic planets by various Astrological divine devices, Gemstones and Kavach. Rest assured, our panel of astrologers are quite competent and experienced to guide you in the right direction of life through right kind of Astrological remedies.

Astral Remedies

Performing of these certain ritual home astral remedies every day, will help in reducing the evil impact of the malefic planets. The complete package includes Kavach, Auspicious time, color therapy and astral remedies.
US $200/-
INR 10000/-
Specific answers to your 1-2 specific questions.

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In Indian Vedic Astrology the Gems / Birth stones are to be used for strengthening the weak benefic planets in the birth chart / horoscope and since ancient times it is seen wearing of these birth / Gem stones are helpful in all aspects of life. Get rare, astrological, unheated, natural, flawless gemstones from us
10-12 days
Depending upon carat
Specific answers to your 1-2 specific questions

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Vaastu Apply the principles of Vaastu when, moving, constructing or building to there are less malefic or evil influences on ones life, family and property. Get specialized consultations or site visit
7 days

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Know your favourable Gems
Gem therapy is one of the oldest and widely used therapies since ancient times in astrology. This is very effective way of strengthening the benefic planets.
2 to 5 working days
US $20/-
INR 900/
Gems report

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Remedy Report Read on astral remedies report
US $25/-
INR 1125/.

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