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Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for January

You will experience average results during this month. A stressful and difficult period of the past two months comes to an end this month. Some uncertain trends with regard to direction of your career would remain and you should guard against indecision and lack of comfort at home could fall. Travel will be frequent this month. Career would be in a better shape. Position in work will improve now due to hard work and better networking. New avenues would open up. Take utmost care that current work is not compromised. If in business, this month would bring in focus but stress. Level of mental and spoken aggression would be high. New investments should be avoided at work as there could be out of line and avoidable in the long term. If in a job, the outlook will be positive but status would still be lower than what you are expecting. Professional will find better options. Overall a much better month now. Family life would be unsettled this month as there is underlying aggression in relations. There will be happy days too but the temperament would remain quite volatile for some time. Money matters would be good throughout but simultaneously you would remain extravagant and high on monitory commitments. You should be careful of what you spend as some expenses could be wasteful. Income would remain high and steady mostly. Investments should be handled with care. Curb your tendency to be speculative as this could spoil finances. Old investment would get revived positively. Overall new investments should be liquidated. Love life would be stable and steady for the unattached. New friendships would come up after initial couple of weeks. Love life, for those in a relationship, would be happy and positive throughout. Outings and social activity will be abundant. If married, this month would see some aggression and animosity. Keep your temper and speech in control. Second half of the month would be better than the first half of the month.

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