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Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for April

This month would be an encouraging month for you. You could however feel disoriented and experience unsteady thought patterns due to negativity that clouded your mind in the recent past. Major pronouncements and sudden moves should be avoided to maintain the stability of reputation. Career would be positive this month also. You might feel slightly biased towards certain partnerships or associations. It is advisable to work in a joint venture rather than a solo work as it will be more rewarding. Work environment will be slightly strenuous and demanding during mid of the month. Do not get involved into any verbal conflict with anyone. For those in business, the month would be quite positive and encouraging. Business personals will obtain gains from various sources. The month would be average for those who are in job. There might slight differences and friction with colleagues but gradually settle down amiably. In general this would be a positive month. If working as a professional, you will experience growth in new avenues due to your hard work and dynamic efforts. Networking would fetch you rich rewards this month. Family life would be in average condition. You might experience either a sense of resentment or some amount of deception from family. Better avoid those emotions and stay away from cold-hearted decisions.

Money matters would be positive, although outflow of funds due to unexpected reasons and sources would be make you disappointed throughout. It is time to be conventional and stingy in money matters. Income would be good throughout but erratic expenditures will cause some fluctuations and hurdles. Thoughtful investment would be very beneficial, as long as you adopt conservative and speculative approach. There are strong chances of purchase of real estate or a vehicle in the mid of the month. Be prepared for it. Health would be remaining good mostly. Be cautious of minor ailments concerning stomach. Love life for the singles would be quite constructive. You will experience a social elevation and also a rise in the level of your attraction. There would be consequent raise in work pressures or other commitments. Avoid major controversies in love matters. Any wrong approach could back fire on you. Love life, for those in a relationship, would be very passionate but aggressive too. There could be misunderstanding and distances, which will create controversy in love life. Avoid any sort of such situation. This month would be positive for the married people. Spouse would be positive as well as supportive. But this situation could suddenly take a U turn by the end of the month with onset of controversial and antagonistic feelings. Avoid this tendency to maintain peace in domestic life. First half of the month would be better than the second half of the month.

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