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Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for April

This month brings certain challenges for this birth sign. The anxious phase of previous months would extend this month too but would improve thereafter. Your decision-making could be damaged and therefore it avoids major decisions during this month too. Pay heed over advice of people you trust as that would be useful for you. Career would experience certain challenges and some powerful trends will build up due to the level of contact with new people now. Your domestic matters could be unsettled which could in turn create obstacles in work. Business men would encounter new opportunities in partnership and joint ventures. Many profitable ventures are going to soon come up for them. Go ahead with such opportunities after reviewing all risks and analysis. Be careful while going for investments in new financial projects. Avoid any hurry or dash. If in a job, this month will be good. Jobseekers will also find their dream job soon. There will be expansions and growth in the work opportunities. Do not indulge in any sort of controversy with your subordinates. This month is going to be positive for professionals. There will be new opportunities, although you might feel the pinch of struggle too. Keep away from bad comment on others as it could boomerang on you. Family matters would be rosy and peaceful this month. Don't be rude in speech as it could upset the situation. Control your speech to keep everyone happy around yourself. There will be gains from family members.

Money matters would be positive mostly, excluding that the commitments and outflow of funds would be high. Income would be good through. There will be gains due to your creative work. Investment would be favorable mostly. There would be good achievement in new as well as old funds. Love life for singles would be upbeat this month. You would be the object of affections and desires. Your attraction quotient would be quite high thus building new relationships and friendships. A new relation or friend could appear in the perspective. Love life, for engaged ones, would be typical mostly. Although passions would be high but they would accompany some mental tension too. You will find higher level of affections toward your spouse. Try to rationalize before you take any major decisions concerning your love life. The married ones would see pressure in domestic matters as well as aggression towards spouse. A certain amount of discontentment could be felt towards spouse. You need patience to handle domestic matters this month. Second half of the month would be better than the first half of the month.

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