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Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for April

This would be a generally good period. There will be income from various sources comparing to the previous period. Your plans and schemes would be working properly. This is an excellent period for you. Each one of these three planets will render good support to you in all your undertakings. There may be some good news from a foreign land. Help will come from the higher authorities. You will also get opportunity to have good relation with powerful people in society. At the same time, transiting Jupiter shows Increase of knowledge. You will move in the company of saintly people. Even you may also purchase new vehicle in this period. Overall, there is no shortage of money is indicated by planets.
Some solid improvements in married life would be possible. You will want your loving companion to be there for you, to share in your ups and downs, and to show loyalty and commitment to the relationship. A lack of concentration as well as interest may spoil your education prospects. Now you would be much attracted towards other things than education. Do not loose your focus by paying intense attention towards details. Don't have blind faith on others; rather carry your own burden yourself. Do not take up work beyond your capacity. Do only that much that you can manage. An ordinary health would be enjoyed by you. Drive carefully.

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