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Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for April

This month, you will be free from debts and will feel complete peace to the mind and body. You will be appreciated for the good work done not only in your profession or career but also to the society. You will be fearless. Nevertheless, you will be double minded in each and every work you are doing. Since the period provides divine grace, you will be in doubt whether you have committed sin unknowing. Hence it is advisable that you should perform daily worship so as to get a stable mind. There will be advancement in career and business will flourish. This period will be very good for investment in land and property. This period will be good if you are politician. This is the period when you can contest the elections and seek higher post in the political circles. Lot of money will come through back door. This is a happy and cooperative time for family or career matters. You develop strong feelings of concern for anyone or anything that needs your support or direction. You will find it easier to handle both taking care of your family and gaining control of personal and business affairs. You may perform beyond than expectations and results would be extraordinary. Even, your little bit hard work may put you on a big way of success. You would be suffering due to acidity, stomach related diseases. Consequently, you need to take proper diet and timely medicines.

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