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Monthly Horoscope for Saggitarius for April

This month mainly pertains to the movable and immovable assets. There may be purchase of such assets. You will construct houses and other buildings. Builders can expect a good return during this period. This is the best time one can invest in land and building or enter into a business where steel and copper are used. This is the time of real luck. Fortune will smile on you. You touch even the dust that also will turn into gold. You can start any new business or seek a new employment. But, in the later part of the month situations would not be much favorable. Chances of your household articles being stolen may arise. Seniors will frequently trouble you. You will be compelled to go away from the place of your present stay. Overall, first half of the month is good.

In the first half of the month there would be happiness and prosperity in personal life. You may be passionate in expressing your affection, devotion, and loyalty to your marriage partner or significant other at this time. You are eager for closeness, reassurances of commitment, and emotional interplay. You could also be very supportive of your partner's needs at this time; however, you will expect the same treatment in return. But, after in the end of the month, there would be some unexpected troubles in married life. Even, you may also have to stay away from you life-partner since of known or unknown reasons. Overall, first half of the month is good for personal relationships, but 2nd half of the month would be producing some troubles. Those are preparing for higher education may have to put their best. Perhaps, not anything will come merely during this period.

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