Baisakhi Langar

Baisakhi LangarLangar or the community meal is the most striking feature of Sikh community. It is prepared everyday in the Gurudwaras and especially on festivals like Baisakhi and Gurupurab. People look forward to this even more. Everybody participates in langar that is specially prepared on the Baisakhi day.
| There is a kitchen adjoining the Gurudwara where the food, known as ‘Guru ka Langar’ is prepared. In the langar people from all sects of the society are welcome. There is no partiality on the basis of caste, color, creed or religion or social status. Everybody sit in the same line or row and relish the food as one. This practice of sitting and having food together was started by Guru Nanak Dev to put an end to the caste system. That's why the food in a Langar is always vegetarian so as not to offend anyone. The food in the Langar is prepared by Sewadars or the voluntary helpers. This is called Langar Sewa which is followed very conscientiously.

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