BhaiDooj Festival

Bhai Dooj Festival

Prologue About BhaiDooj Festival:
BhaiDooj is a beautiful festival which is similar to Raksha Bandhan. This festival is celebrated by sisters and brother on the second day after Diwali festival. This festival is celebrated to show their never ending love and the bonding between the sisters and brother.  BhaiDooj is a festival symbolic of a confirmation of a sister guard of her brother well being. Normally this type of festivals is celebrated in the northern states of India. This festival originates from Bhai or Bhaiya which means dooj and brother. This festival date falls according to the new moon and this took place in the month of November and October. This day is considered as the long awaited day for the sisters.

Significance Of Bhai Dooj:

BhaiDooj festival celebration reflects the significance of traditions which differ with different area of India and the rich culture of India. As similar as other Hindu festival, this BhaiDooj also gives a lot of happiness with the family ties and other social attachments. This aids the family to become closer and get prosperity. Especially married girls become happier and enjoy this festival because it join the family together and so, there is more chance for her to share the joy with the family. This festival exposes the pleasant love and bond between the sister and brother which continuously enhance during their lifetime. In this festival sister apply tika on brother forehead and pray to god for their longevity.   

BhaiDooj Celebrations:

This is festival is a ceremonize their love for their brother by putting an auspicious vermilion mark on the forehead of the brother and performs aarti of him showing the light of holy flame as a mark of the protection from evil power. These festivals are celebrated with treats, gifts and blessings from the brothers. This festival is the best way to express your love and show your affection to your brother. For these festivals lots of preparations are done like sweets and other special dishes are prepared on this special day and it serve to the loving brother. 

Happiness On Celebrating Bhaidooj Festival:

At the same time brothers also wait eagerly for this occasion. On this festival day brothers use to sit on the carpet and sister uttering the mantra, lit Puja lamp and apply roli on the head of the brother.  Then the dew water and Kajal with the little finger of left hands and they bless with paddy seeds and green grass. At last the sisters offer sweets with the coconut to the brother. During this festival sisters wish her brother good health, prosperity and long life. Every year these festivals are celebrated grandly and all the sisters and brothers are enjoying this with happiness.  This year plan your festival differently and give lots of surprises for your brother and sisters. This is the moment which unites all the family members so that the whole house is engaged with joy which will be the remarkable remembrance in your life time.     


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