Celebrate Bihu Festival Happily And Colorfully

Bihu FestivalAbout Bihu festival:
Bihu is one of the famous festivals which were grandly celebrated in the state of Assam. This festival is celebrated to blot the changes of the season and is celebrated 3 times in a year. This festival is celebrated in the month of April and this also combine with the celebration of the harvest festival like chait, baisakhi or sankranti. This is the time for joy and praying for the plentiful harvest. These special occasions are celebrated by many beautiful events and there are also many competitions are conducted and all people participated in this completion and enjoy the full celebration happily.

Bihu festival:
The word Bihu is derivative from the language of dimasa kacharis this is the agriculture community of Assam. The original version of this word is bishu that meant for “to ask for the prosperity from tribal god. His festivals are celebrated with the joy and this was stated it is a commencement time of new period of farming. Bohaag is first month according to Assamese chart.  This also celebrated as New Year festival and these occasions are also marked as traditional one in the seasonal cycle and all the people will treat the coming season of spring with eagerness.

Rongali Bihu is also celebrated over the period of seven and there are different significance and phases of respective seven day of bihu. The first day of the festivals is also known as the goru bihu and in this special cow is washed and worshipped by the people and they treated cow as a god and this also follow by manuha bihu. On 3rd day of the festivals all gods are washed and worshipped. This festival stretches over the span of time and celebrations finished by bidding goodbye to bihu on the very last day of festival.  

Festival celebration:
According to solar calendar the Assamese follow New Year usually falls on the 14th April. This festival is celebrated with the colorful followers and people feels happy in this festival and they enjoy very moment of the day happily with their family members. During this festival all the friends and relatives join together and they share their happiness with all the loved ones.  These festivals are celebrated in the Assam and New Year is welcomed with beautiful followers and kolam. People wear new dress on this festival and they conduct many competitions and present prize for the children’s who have won the game with excellent talents. This festivals gives happiness to everyone and all sorts of people celebrate this festival in different manners and this festivals brings joyful in everyone life.  

Full event of the festivals are celebrated with joy and most of the people go outing and they visit many temple on this festivals and they pray to god for good health and wealth. This Bihu festivals are celebrated for 3 days and all the three days are celebrated with specials events and last day of the festivals are more enjoyable with full of joys. You also plan these festivals differently for this year and celebrate it cheerfully.   


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