Bikaner Festival Can Be Enjoyed With The Ship Of The Desert Bejeweled In Splendor

Bikaner FestivalThe Bikaner Festival is also called the Camel Festival and is dedicated to the ‘ship of the desert’ as the camel is named. The city of Bikaner is in Rajasthan and located in Northwest of the state capital called Jaipur and the festival is celebrated all around the place with colors and lots of fun. The winter is the perfect time for visiting this place and if you like to ride a camel you will feel that this is the ideal time to reach for that state and enjoy the festival. The camel is used for riding and the festival is enjoyed with varied form of dance and music by the local people.

Foundation and enjoyment in Bikaner

Bikaner was found by Rathore prince Bika who was the son of Rao Jodha of Marwar. The prince was very courageous and used to venture to other places in the desert which was not a very common habit among the people who lived in the desert. There was no one with enough courage to travel outside the normal and protected way. Bikaner became a trade center in the medieval period during his period and was well known by the Gurjars, Bhatis, Chauhans and Pratihars. The town remained protected by the desert and untouched by the influence of the outside world. The camel festival was started to bring enjoyment in the desert town and to have some fun.

Fun and joy with the procession
The place is not developed much and hence there is not much vehicles in the area and the camel is famous for the endurance. The festival starts with the magnificent procession with the camels that are decorated with different colorful cloths and stones. The procession of the camels start from the Junagarh fort and this becomes a beautiful spectacle of the decorated camels that makes the viewers happy and fascinates them too. The procession advances to the polo ground and there follows the camel race and various other races. There are competition of the milking of the camel, cutting of the fur of the camels and the competition of the best breed in the camels. The acrobatics by camels are shown by the camel owners.

Festival in the colorful Rajasthan

The festival is also to show off the decoration of the camels and pageant is held with the showing off the jewelry of the camels. The performance of the camels and the best camel hair cut are different other competitions that are held in the Bikaner festival. The camel is decorated with colorful bridles, necks with a lot of different size and shapes of necklaces and the anklets that keeps jingling when they move. The camels with their beautiful decoration gives a magical touch to the festival and all the people love to eat and drink and make merry to celebrate the festival.

The competition of the camels and the decorations and other competitions are enjoyed thoroughly by the people and spectators of different lands and the second day is more important as the races take place on this day. The exciting tourists and the locals cheer the camel they support and make the most of the festival. You can also see the graceful skirt twirling dance of the camels and the fireworks. The different folk dances and music are experienced. The date of the festival differs each year but the whole of the land wait with breathless anticipation for the days of the camel festival.

Bikaner Festival

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