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Your Health is Related to your Horoscope
It is true that the advancement in the technology and the medical science has made it possible to diagnose many health problems which were not possible to diagnose before the invention of big machines. But, the modern science can diagnose a problem only after it has been occurred to a person. It cannot determine whether some problem is going to happen in the future. The future conditions of the health could be determined by the astrology only.

Astrology can help you know your health completely. It can tell what type of health problem might occur to you, when it can occur and where in your body, it would occur.

If your horoscopes are strong, definitely your body is robust and it can endure various ailments. And, better the enduring power of the body, more it would resist illness and physical maladies. The combination of planets in your horoscope decides your health condition and based on the movement of planets, your future health condition would be determined. Excellent health only means that you have perfect combination of planets in regard to the health.

And, a poor health means incorrect combination. According to astrology, each planet is related to some part of your body and if that planet is not in its proper place, that part of your body is going to malfunction.
The power of astrology in determining you health can be understood by taking into account the fact that most of the ancient Indian ayurvedic doctors were astrologers.

They studied the birth chart of the person in order to determine his health condition and then provided the best medicines for him. The modern science can only help you to know your physical problems. For the mental problems, a lot of examination is required. But, astrology can make you know your health this much easily that you would be able to tell about the mental problems too, without any long examination.

Homeopathy also plays an important part. It is believed that there are 12 houses of zodiac and similarly, there are 12 basic salts in homeopathy. Each salt represents one house. To determine a person’s health condition, what is needed is a birth chart actually, and not any modern science. Every trouble, be it physical, mental or emotional, could be determined by astrology. And, one more thing needs to be mentioned here- the predictions made by astrologers are never false, whereas the predictions made by modern doctors might turn out to be false some time.

The health is a human’s vital possession. And it must be looked upon very carefully. The fate of the person, that is- “Karma” is the factor that decides his destiny. No matter how much the technology gets advanced, if the Karma wants to revenge a person, his ailment would never get cured. A healthy looking person might die of some fatal disease and a frail person might live a disease resistant life, it all depends on the Karma, and so is indicated by the horoscopes of the person.



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