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Vedic Astrology
Most of us are well aware of the term astrology, but very few know the real meaning and implication of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology as the name suggests is an ancient science of India that deals with planetary movements and their implications on human or other events on earth. The Vedic astrology is a thousand years old study which revolved round the understanding of planet’s movement in accordance to that of star’s. Later on the study included the aspects of zodiac signs and their significance in respect to these planetary motions. So, Vedic astrology is a blend of science and art to determine the effect of planets and stars on human beings and other co related activities.

As per Vedic astrology there are twenty seven constellations consisting the regular twelve zodic signs, nine planets and twelve houses. Typically Vedic astrology has three distinct sub division or area of activity. They are:

• Astronomy also called ‘Siddhanta’ - The holistic study of astronomy and its effect on astrology. It deals on applying the knowledge to benefit human life.

• General Astrology known as ‘ Samhita’ – This branch of Vedic astrology deals with common prediction like events, war, climatic disasters or earthquake, financial results, Vaastu Shastra and other astrophysical events.

• Prediction based Astrology called ‘Hora’- This is a specialised and customised version of Vedic astrology which provides individual horoscope, numerology, annual horoscope etc. This particular stream has numerous other sub divisions which are applied after studying one’s general horoscope.

With the aid of Vedic astrology, an astrologer can evaluate psychological and physical nature of any individual. He can determine the potential, threat, health, financial growth and relationships from the horoscope chart developed by Vedic astrological method. In Vedic astrology, meditation or power of mind is given much importance. It is believed that planets also have friends and enemies as a result their affect on one human being differs from another. Also dedicated observation, correct approach and in depth knowledge of Vedic astrology can help in directing one’s life towards happiness and success. Similarly, right kind of food, habits and proper exercise hold prominent importance in Vedic astrology.

There are many calculations, statistics and studies involved in Vedic astrology to make correct prediction and implication. This traditional yet highly developed tool of Vedic Astrology one can get clear prediction of future incidents as per sequential nature’s law which govern all universal elements including human.



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