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Indian Astrology
India is a rich cultural land which has pioneered in many aspects of knowledge which laid the path towards human evolution and progress. One such knowledge is that of astrology. The origin of Indian astrology can be traced back to the times of Vedas. As a result Indian astrology is also termed as Vedic astrology.

Indian astrology is based on the fact that each and every one of us is a part of greater entity. One may term this entity as universe or cosmos. Therefore the planetary positions, mutual relation among the planets and stars create an impact on lives on earth. There are three distinct attributes of Hindu or Indian astrology.

They are:

• Navagrahas or Nine planets
• Rasis or Twelve Zodiac signs
• Bhavas or twelve Houses

Depending on these basic three factors, their inter-relations and other minute elements, horoscope chart is developed. There is also an interesting element in Indian astrology and that is the Chandra or Moon. Moon represents the human mind and therefore it holds a prominent importance in Hindu astrology. The twelve zodiac signs also called rasis are sub divided into twenty seven elements and are popularly called Nakhatras. In Indian astrology the Houses are representation of the complete life cycle. The twelve divisions are chalked to describe various aspects of life.

All these factors combine to reflect a unique persona which cannot be replicated. The Indian Astrology is capable to determine the various stages of human life or any individual scientifically. Many people in India therefore resort to Indian astrology to name their child, select wedding dates or start new businesses etc. The Vedic or Indian astrology is known for their ‘remedial’ structure which may divert danger if predicted properly by the astrology experts.

Indian astrology is definitely a combination of astronomy, statistical knowledge and mathematics. India has always been a favourable nation to encourage this sublime knowledge. No wonder Indian astrologers have been applauded for being a ‘solution provider’ across the world. Some Indian astrologers may combine numerology and phonetics to predict or draw charts.

There is no doubt that such an age old legacy of ancient knowledge definitely has pillars of expertise, traditional knowledge, analytics and high degree of concentration. It is believed that unlike Western or Chinese astrology, Indian astrology is the one that can provide cure and that is why it has gained so much popularity across the globe.



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