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Baby Names
Naming a Hindu child in India is a ceremony by itself. The tradition of naming when a baby is born is been diligently followed by people throughout the nation. This baby naming ceremony is popularly called “Namakaran” in India. It involves a detail astrological calculation and insight to pick a proper name of the newborn. The naming of a baby is generally done on the tenth, twelfth or eighteenth day after the birth.

The criteria of a child name depend on birth constellation which will determine the zodiac sign of the new born baby. According to Vedic rule, two names are given to a baby. One is never to be disclosed while another one becomes main name. Primarily there are three possible ways to give a name to a child according the Indian astrology, they are:

• As per the day of child’s birth
• As per the corresponding letters that are in sync with birth constellation
• As per letters related to the baby’s horoscope and natal chart

Naming a baby according to astrology is believed to act as a mantra. It is believed that the source of the sound that is pronounced via the name is auspicious and acts as a pathway to spiritual and mental enrichment. No wonder baby names in India hold a great deal of importance. However, it is considered an auspicious day with various types of Namakaran processes that is performed.

Earlier naming a baby was considered only women affair, but with time, complete family and relatives join the celebration and the event of giving name to a baby. The baby and his/her mother are adorned beautifully with rich drapes and flowers. The women gather and recite traditional song. Some people also prefer the event of naming their babies in temples where the father of the child whisper the name in his child’s right ear. Though in most of the cases naming a baby occurs in twelfth day after the birth, there are some communities who name their child much later like three to four months after the birth.

Whatever may be the process, the tradition of naming a baby in Indian astrology is of utmost significance. Astrologers work diligently to draw the charts according to birth time, day and date which will further help him to decide the baby’s name. However, with the advent of technology and internet, there are many websites and online astrological firms available that help people to choose their baby’s name as per Vedic astrology.



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