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Gems and Astrology

Astrology lets us know our true self and personality from the position of the planets by studying the distant cosmic objects. It predicts the future events in one’s life based on the position of heavenly objects. On knowing the future one would always want to set the fallacious things right. This can be achieved by strengthening malefic planets. Using of gems is one way to do the same. One intrinsic factor is the quality of gems and others are how we energize and purify it. It depends on how it is put to use. It enhances the power of planets. If one uses it wrongly their life may go astray. It is one way of revealing intelligence behind the universe. People consider this as a vitality to attain the gateway to soul. To attain harmony this should be practiced daily.

These methods are not only astrological but both spiritual and religious. If one does not follow this daily no changes in life would be observed. Gems are put into fingers which belong to that planet. Positive effect of one planet sometimes weakens effects of another planet. Appropriate measures should be taken when one planet needs to be strengthened. Gems and astrology are recommended to boost up the effects of heavenly objects. It overcomes the negative effect of malefic planets. At times gems do not show positive effects due to recommendation of incorrect gems or due to flaws in them. Gemstones empower us with energy and enlightenment. The energy of gemstones work on our mind, with balanced mind one can construct a better future. It influences mind in turn our body is influenced which makes us work with positive or negative vibes. The purest gems are of great curative which enables us to attain the best and bring harmony to our lives.



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