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Know about Luminaries (The Sun & The Moon)
Title :Know about Luminaries (The Sun & The Moon)
Author :Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Description :

The planets the Sun and the Moon denote the soul and the mind. These are the two most important drivers which shape the actions and thus the destiny of any human being.
The Sun is the King of the solar system and the Moon provides the nourishment to the planet.
These two planets are fast moving planets. The Sun stays in a sign for one month while the Moon is there for 2 ½ days. The movements of these two planets are enablers for the mind and the Sun is the total inertia which is there in the native.
This book analyses the movement of these two planets in the ascendant and how it affects various aspects of our life. A beginner in astrology as well as those who are in the field of research would find it interesting. Also, those who are interested in knowing about their sun signs, moon signs too would find it interesting.

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