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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Cancer - Taurus


Match Making Cancer TaurusCancer - Taurus

A true Taurus loves to be taken care of and Cancer loves to pamper his counterpart with plenty of money and loyalty.The compatibility of Taurus and Cancer indicates a good partnership. They will enhance one another’s positive points. Taurus will supply the required security to Cancer and in return will get back plenty of affection and loyalty he seeks.The Taurus can indeed be one of the best partners of Cancer. Both enjoy staying at home and love to indulge in good food, good life style and luxury. The duo will be completely happy in each others company and sustain a lasting relationship.The common in the temperament of Taurus and Cancer is their love for their homes and families. They are also sentimental in great similarity. The sensitive mood of Cancer will be very sensitive to handle and will require careful handling by Taurus. Taurus must be careful to not to hurt Cancers’ delicate feelings. Taurus will render dependability to Cancer’s perspective and Taurus will get the ultimate loyalty.

Emotional Compatibility
This emotional compatibility of Taurus and Cancer will be very practical and real with little input of love and care. Taurus will be impressed by the imagination of Cancer that will be encouraging in highly emotional way. Their emotional needs will be wonderfully satisfied by each other. Taurus would seek protected loving emotions and will get exactly what he wants. Taurus will be very sure of himself and about what he wants to do. This will give Cancer a nice, warm and safe feeling. But Cancer might experience few problems when Taurus will try to control things and act dominant. As per the study of the natal charts, the emotional quotient of Taurus and Cancer will be in perfect tandem as Cancer loves to share good times with close friends and family, and Taurus also feels exactly the same way. This will result in many wonderful and calm times spent together.
Both the signs realize and appreciate the importance of home, family and their innate feelings. Taurus will eliminate the fear of rejection from Cancer’s heart. Taurus will stand by Cancer all times, even through his cranky times.

Professional Compatibility
Both the signs of Taurus and Cancer have the common goal of financial prosperity. Both are ambitious for money and security and this leads to a very good professional bonding.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon that implies changing moods during professional highs and lows. This professional combination of Taurus and Cancer is going to be very compatible and could go on for long term. Taurus will bring practicality and realism to all professional dealings and decisions. There might be times of certain volatile and blazing tempers but they will get fused by combined decision making of Taurus and Cancer. The changes would be without much argument or disagreement.
They just need to remember to leave enough space for each other. This will automatically take care of their professional compatibility. The professional chemistry between the duo will be promising thus making possible a long-term partnership.

Romantic Compatibility
Typically, Taurus and Cancer make a good romantic combination. They mutually seek a strong sense of security and a sagacity of stability. Both the signs are extremely loving, affectionate, and passionate towards each other. The Cancer native will render immense sensuality and imagination to the love life of duo. Both are passionate enough on their own and do not need any superfluous aid to keep connected. Only Taurus has the insight and capability to understand the mood swings of the Cancer. Any love tiffs will be smartly handled by Taurus, if any appears. The attentiveness of Taurus will be responded well by Cancer. This romantic relationship of Taurus and cancer will gain strength and good will as the time will pass. These two natives differ in their personalities but still strengthen and support each other’s weakness. The romantic compatibility between Taurus and Cancers is affected by the way they getting along and coordinate during the times of any arguing or unpleasantness. During negative mood swings, Cancer will not be responsive towards Taurus and too much of indifference can result in a wall between them. The due must understand each other’s problems to maintain a healthy and pleasant romantic compatibility.

Marital Compatibility
This marital compatibility between Taurus and Cancer can be for keeps. There association will definitely lead to a lasting love. There would be excellent physical chemistry between the natives. Cancer is usually moody. But their sweet nature will put Taurus at ease and make him more relaxed in marriage. There will be plenty of lovey-dovey moments in the marriage. Both the signs will enjoy hugging each other and professing their love clearly. Both are simply going to be thrilled by the loyalty and the sturdy nature of their love life. Both value the simple things in life like families, friends thus making a fantastic married couple ever seen.

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