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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Cancer - Capricorn


Match Making Cancer CapricornThe combination of Cancer and Capricorn is polar opposites. There can be plenty of initimate chemistry within opposites also but here the scenario will be somewhat different. Capricorn will not have time to show his/her affection to Cancer. Capricorn is going to be so much occupied with the work, almost upto the extent of being a workaholic. Inspite of being opposites, their bonding is going to be well. They will provide each other exactly what they need. Capricorn will provide security and Cancer will render trust to this relationship. Cancer will be primarily shy and sensitive with great need of care and affection. Capricorn will act and behave in a domineering way. This pair will be an epitome of contradictions in terms nature, behaviour etc. Only if they overcome there diversity, this combination has agood chance. Capricorn will be too career oriented and Cancer will love and prefer to stay at home. The emotional demands of Cancer will be irksome for Capricorn and Cancer will also be subjugated by Capricorn’s aloof behaviour. Cancer is diametrically opposed to Capricorn, who is very materialistic and money-oriented. Capricorn aims for material and financial achievement whereas Cancer has a simple and intuitive approach.

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn will be functional only for very short duration. If for a short term the emotional chemistry is going to be wonderful, but if for long term then it is going to be terrible. Initially both the natives will feel powerful emotions developing between them. But it will not be enough for this relationship. Capricorn will be secretive with Cancer and keep all feelings and emotions to himself/herself. This will make Cancer frustrated and demanding over this double faced behavior of Capricorn. The diversities will be glaring clearly when Capricorn will be soft when situation wants him to be strong, and he’ll be outspoken when he is required to be withdrawn and tentative. Cancer will fail to derive of what is required from the inside of Capricorn and will end up being miserable. The duo will take time to cultivate their own interests and ideas without overshadowing each other.  This indicates the chances of survival of their emotional compatibility. Both should get together and enjoy the life as a celebration and heighten the positive emotions in their relationship.

Professional Compatibility The professional compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn will bring a pleasant break for them in their routine relationship. The stress in this compatibility will be over partnership and public relations. The ruling planets of both these signs, Moon and Saturn, will combine together and significantly stress on professional independence, originality new business ideas. Capricorn will inspire confidence and goodwill in Cancer who will in turn make an effort to break the status quo. Cancer and Capricorn will combine their efforts and interests thus making

their professional relationship very lucrative.
When working together, Cancer will gain plenty of confidence and a greater sense of responsibility. The duo, together, will aim at achievement and towards greater heights. Cancer will strive hard to test his/her business skills and seek approval from Capricorn. Alone Cancer might not aspire for much and get settled in niche, but in professional company of Capricorn he/she will strive to break down all professional barriers. Cancer and Capricorn may have opposing business ideas, but both will change and discover new business interests. Since the both signs have a strong desire for security, they will be willing to take a chance on new ideas and projects. Thus they will make excellent business partners.

Romantic Compatibility

The romantic compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn will be not very lucrative as Capricorn will not be able to pay much attention to the Cancer partner and meet his/her wishes. The Capricorn will be occupied with other interests apart from love and romance. Although Capricorn is a faithful sign who will be devoted with Cancer. But life is likely to get a little boring at times. The physical attraction between the two is going to be strong with perfect lovemaking. But Cancer might feel bored with the never ending practicality and restraint of the Capricorn. If such emotions persist between them then connection is going to be unstable and draw undesirable feelings. This combination of Cancer and Capricorn will not lead to any kind of long-lasting love. There will be no dearth of physical attraction between them but Capricorn will keep all his/her emotions inside. Cancer might get perturbed with this attitude of Capricorn who looks at everything with a cold and practical way. Cancer will approach his/her romantic world with emotions and feelings. But Capricorn will sit back and composedly judge the world. Cancer will fail to understand that why Capricorn is not reciprocating the romantic feelings as per his/her standards. Well the difference lies in their basic temperament.

Marital Compatibility 

In the combination of Cancer and Capricorn, Capricorn envisages his accomplishment in terms of materials he/she possess. Emotional wellbeing will come later in preference in this marriage. When it will come to family life, Cancer will not put anything above it. He would innately love to enjoy family life and have traditional values bind the marriage. Capricorn, on the other hand, will put financial and material wellbeing higher than anything else. Still there are many positive aspects in this marital compatibility. Cancer will feel nurtured and supported by Capricorn’s contribution to this relationship. Sometimes, on some levels, this marital relationship may be just about convenience. Both the natives should look deeper for emotional as well as material need for each other. The physical and emotionally aspects of both the signs will at odds with each other. The sensitive Cancer will detest the restrained affection of Capricorn. Capricorn will find it hard to know how to make Cancer happy and contented. Cancer and Capricorn should act mature and find some constructive way to get a confluent solution in this marriage. Mutually they should try to fan an inner flame in each other and bright up their future prospects. 

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