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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Capricorn - Pisces


Match Making Capricorn Pisces

In spite of Capricorn and Pisces being feminine and receptive signs, there are quite a few differences between them. The feminine is considered intuitive, in tune with emotions, and while this may be true at a deeper level, Capricorn is more drawn to the concrete and practical. Pisces, on the other hand, is idealistic. They are into self-sacrifice and philosophical concepts, not material self-interest. This could be hard for the Capricorn partner to understand, being as goal-oriented as Capricorns are, and it could make them feel poles apart. Capricorns like things that can be proved, and don’t believe in concepts that are beyond the senses. Pisces tend to feel life with their hearts rather than their minds, and are constantly daydreaming. This will frustrate Capricorn if he feels Pisces is not doing anything practical. Nevertheless, Capricorn and Pisces can usually build a good friendship. They say that opposites attract; here’s a fine chance to test that theory thus, a love affair between them cannot be completely denied.  

Emotional Compatibility 

Pisces is a dreamer and Capricorn a planner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Capricorn could plan Capricorn’s dreams? So this pair is an opposite pair but in many situations, opposites attract. They have some excellent good points such as honesty and kindness. It is not unusual for this pair to develop their romance slowly and in fact they may have fallen for each other without knowing their romance has begun. There can be areas of difficulty particularly if Capricorn tends to get a little pushy in their effort to push things through according to a well thought-out plan. Pisces is often a sensitive soul and needs to understand that Capricorn, if aggressive, is being true to form and not making a personal attack on their partner. Capricorn loves a neat and tidy home and Pisces enjoys indulging their partner by allowing them much of their heart’s desire. Their union is made so much more secure because they share a love for a comfortable home life. The main plus for this pair is that both get great satisfaction from providing their partner with a happy lifestyle. Each is keen to help the other achieve their dreams and because both have gentle temperaments, they make for a balanced and mutually satisfying partnership. 

Professional Compatibility 

In professional matters, this relationship can prove extremely valuable and rewarding for all concerned. Of a decidedly philosophical bent, it does best in areas where planning, theorizing, reorganization and preparation play a primary role. Although able to work as part of a larger team, these two probably do best on their own as independent freelancers, researchers or consultants. Pisces have a tendency to get pulled in two opposite directions. This inhibits their decision taking capability. They are quite open-minded towards their work and personal life, and demonstrate an immaculate insight and vision in material, technical and spiritual aspects. Capricorn will become less self-centered and driven by work if he gets involved with Pisces. And Pisces will become more practical and will start to save money. Even though Capricorns are not completely compatible, working together to build their relationship and they live into something solid and enduring will eventually give both a great deal of satisfaction. Capricorns are very capable of sustained work and self-sacrifice towards material goals. Pisces is a wonderful and selfless worker as well, but tends to do so for the benefit of others. So this can in fact be an extremely good combination if both understand a little of each other’s motivations.  

Romantic Compatibility 

Pisces finds it easy to amalgamate and can adapt to people and situations which are safe and secure. Capricorn is the epitome of safety and security. Pisces is intensely sensitive, emotional, romantic and sentimental, so may feel sad or hurt when Capricorn hides their true feelings. Pisces is not one with aggressively competitive signs, so offers no apparent threat to Capricorn's ambitious and long range plans to climb the ladder of success. Capricorn's sense of management and excellent practical abilities will help to shelter the sensitive Pisces from some of the harsh realities of life. The goat will soon get the general gist and they may lose that side of themselves that is all too solid and down to earth and realize that seeing does not always believe. They're usually so cautious and wary of being hoodwinked or being made to look a fool. But the Pisces should be able to put that right and, in return, the graceful goat will be able to catch hold of the fish's feet when they get too carried away by their own fights of fantasy and gently bring them down to earth again. 

Marital Compatibility 

Capricorns are the people who believe in taking the safe and secure paths. They may look introvert and reserved to many outsiders and at the same time hard and sturdy in their personality. They are ambitious and make to destination with slow and steady pace. However, those who are very close to the Capricorn actually know how much Capricorn takes care of them and love them. In the calm presence of Capricorn, the Pisces often feel warm and secure. Conversely, in the serene presence of Pisces, the Capricorn often feels a light-hearted and floating sensation. The Capricorn finds the dreamy and relaxed looseness of Pisces so fascinating and so full of the promise of freedom. Their association causes Capricorn to be greatly enriched and the Pisces to find a secure place in which to move forward. Because Pisces and Capricorn feel alike and think alike about most major issues, their differences of opinion are relatively less frequent than their times of agreeable, almost effortless, cooperation and compromise. Even in those areas where they differ and disagree, they’ll take turns carefully convincing each other to come around to the other side of whatever question caused the friction. Sometimes it’s the Capricorn who manages to straighten out the confused or muddled thinking of the Pisces and at other times, it’s the Pisces who manages to soften the Capricorn’s firm stand. It takes patience to bring the stubborn Capricorn to a change of views, but Pisces is endowed with lots of patience, plus an ample supply of the persuasive charm and gentleness necessary to move. In many ways, therefore, Capricorn and Pisces were made for each other. So these two will be far happier and more harmonious together than uptight and tense.

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