Cheti Chand Festival Commemorates The New Year Of Sindhis

Cheti Chand FestivalThe Cheti Chand is celebrated in the New Years Day by the Sindhi and this is on the second day of the Chaitra or Cheti month. The Day depends on the lunar calendar and it falls around the first week of April. The festival is almost like other festivals and it is also the commemoration of the birthday of the patrol saint Jhulelal or the Water God Varun Dev. They wish each other the blessings of their God and a Happy Cheti Chand. The day is a memorable day for the Sindhi and they celebrate the day with emotional attachment and high spirit.

Water is the elixir of life
The Sindhi community also honors the festival as the birth of Ishtadeva Uderolal who is the patron of the Sindhis. The day is considered to be holy one and is celebrated with joy and festivity. The water or elixir of life is worshipped on this day. The Sindhis take the Bahrana Sahib to the nearby lake or river and mostly the Baharana Sahib is a congregation of Jyot or oil lamp and Misiri or the crystal sugar and Phota, fruits and Akha. The pot or a water jar is also there which has got a coconut in it and these are covered with flowers and leaves. The idol of Jhulelal is also taken to the water.

Celebration and legend

The worshipping of the water god is done by the Sindhis for all their festivals and so they are happy to find another occasion during the New Year to thank the water god for the blessings and the fortune that it brings to the Sindhis. They take out the procession with Baharan Sahib and go to the water. There they distribute Sesa and give Akho to the Water God or Jal Devta. The people wish each other and remember the occasion when Uday was asked by his step mother to earn and she boiled beans to her son to sell.

New accounts and processions for Sindhis

Uday took it to the river side and gave away half of the beans to the needy and the other half was given off to the river and he got back the container from the water which was full of rice. The Sindhis do not go to work and keep their shops closed on the New Year’s Day. They do not cook food but they gather in the temple of Jhulelal and indulge in singing and worshipping. Then they take out procession with beautifully decorated Bahrano and you may find the celebration filling the city roads with colorfully clothed people and their laughter.

There are fair organized by the Sindhis and different treats are distributed. The holy festival is celebrated with lots of respect for the fellow human being. They start their new account books and observe the day with colorful procession and carrying effigy of the Saint Jhulelal that is submerged in the River God. They also indulge in cultural programs and exhibit the heritage of the Sindhis. The Hindus find this a good way to celebrate the New Year and the birth commemoration of their guide, the Saint.


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