Enjoy Cochin Carnival Festival Happily

Cochin Carnival

Cochin Carnival:
Cochin carnival is the festivals which were celebrated in the last week of every year in Kerala. This festival date is also back to the Portuguese New Year festivity held on throughout the colonial days. This was evolved on the occasion for the youth and teens to enjoy the party like atmosphere. This unique competitions, illumination and games during this day give happiness to all sorts of people. This special occasion put festival look to all the places and people present. The highlights of these festivals are massive procession on New Year and the procession was led by the caparisoned elephant accompanied by music and drums. Eve some other type of celebrations is took place in these festivals and people from all over the India will celebrate these festivals grandly. People from different part of the states will combine together in this festival to enjoy the festivals with their family members.

History Of The Festival:
The commencement of these festivals in India is roots backs to the period when the colonialism ruled Kochi. In that period Cochin was ruled by the Portuguese and at that time the New Year was celebrated grandly by the people. After the end of the Portuguese rule the whole Kochi participated in the celebrations and they started to create merry making. This is the beautiful history behind the celebration of the festivals and the people living in the Cochin will remember this festival and hey enjoy this day happily. This festival mostly took place during the last tenth day of the year which end with the entrance of the New Year. Cochin carnival is mostly known as the parades, celebration and parties attracts tourist and this festivals are also normally celebrated by all the people from outside this country.    

Cochin Carnival Celebration:

Cochin carnival is celebrated in a grand manner and this was celebrated in both present and past. This festival are the celebration of traditional and culture and it is the amalgamation of different cultures in eh regions such as Dutch, Guajarati, Kannada, Arab, Punjabi, Malayalee, Konkani, Andhra, Punjabi,  Tamil, Anglo Indian and Punjabi. These festivals are also celebrated form ancient period and the way of celebration will reflect the culture of the country.  The celebration of this festivals starts with many special events and during this festival all people will enjoy the whole day happily and cheerfully.

The festival preparations begin in advance and this day will starts with the unique game, party and fairs. Ton these special occasion people will enjoy the day with the new dress and preparing sweets and other type of events like elephant accomplished with music and dance so this festival is full of light and happiness. Every year these festivals celebrated differently and during this festival people from different part of the world will join together and enjoy this festival cheerfully with their family and friends. You also plan this festival differently in this year and enjoy the day gladly with everyone and share your joy.   


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