Coconut Day Festival With Processions In San Pablo City

Coconut Day FestivalThe Coconut festival is the celebration of the honor of the Patron of the Saint Paul the Hermit of Philippines. This is a week-long festival that is to enjoy the whole week in merriment. The festival is held in the first or second week of January and this celebration started from 1996. The festival is all about dancing in the street and street concert and the float parade. There are the programs that are held at night and then start the city fiesta. The important events like the “Mutya at Lakan ng San Pablo” are held too. The Coconut festival is also known as Coco Fest and this adds more color to the city fiesta that is held at the 15th of January in the San Pablo city each year.

People from the country and abroad enjoy
The Coconut festival is an occasion for fun and laughter and the people try out carnivals and different food and dance. The people from the country join the festival and the people from abroad also are a part of the festival. The local media, national new channels and other people from all over the world often take part in the festival. The culture is boosted and the feeling of oneness and tradition of the San Pablenos are also felt during the festival. This festival has got citation from the Association of tourism Officers of Philippines the best tourism event in the city level for the year 2010 – 2012.

Arrangement of the festival

There are people coming from all over and it is about the production of Coconut that is harvested in the city at a higher number. The “tree life” of the city is thus highlighted and the world knows about the talents and the natural greenery of the city. The patron of the city Saint Paul is the First Hermit and the city pays its homage to the Hermit in this fashion too. The main road of the city gets blocked for the float parade and the dancing that is mostly held on the road. The spectators gather from all over and so it is to give them the way into the city, there are ways in through the outskirts of the town to the main part of the city.

Enjoyment with various modes

The people of the city and the spectators that come into the city for experiencing the new way of the coconut festival likes to take pictures of the different moods of the festival and there are people who are taking videos and are also looking for some special moments to load into the memory of the camera. The street gets filled up by people who are going to dance and who are going to enjoy. They wear colorful dresses and they find live life to the brim with the banderitas.

The people push in the floats that are a part of the festival and enjoy the delicacies that are there in the city for the occasion. The statue of the Saint is taken out in procession and they enjoy the whole procession with different types of people. There are the drum boys and the Coco Carnival Queens that are seen on the road. The drum boys are dressed up in the same way and the Queen is the show stopper who takes up the procession during the festival. The event is meticulously planned so that the whole program stands out in an unique way.

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