Important Information for Appointment with Indian Vedic Astrologer

In this unique service you can have a personalized online Astrological discussion with renowned Indian Vedic Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja. Please look at the chart below for further details.

Once you place your request for the consultation, we will get back to you confirming the time of consultation and You can also get instant astrological paid consultation by Messenger or by calling on the Toll Free Numbers given on the home page of this site between 6 AM To 11 PM form Monday to Sunday.

In case we don't have the time available as suggested by you, we get back with an alternate time or ask you for an alternate time.

  • We send you the link to chat with the Indian Vedic Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja at the designated time of the appointment
  • You would have to login with the username and password provided to you to initiate the chat
  • You would need to refer to your order number (which will be provided by us) before the chat is initiated
  • Once the chat is initiated you can commence asking your questions and clarifications
  • We recommend you to ask the questions based on the time limit mentioned in the above chart
  • All the time mentioned is Indian Standard Time which is 5 1/2 hr ahead of G.M.T.
  • A transcript of the session is then sent as a attachment to your email for your future records.

Our Consultation services broadly includes:
Marriage, Marital, Harmony & Compatibility, Rectification of Birth Charts / Horoscopes, Profession, Professional Status, Education, Higher Education, Financial Stability, Progeny, Health, Child, Relationship / Love Life, Emotional Stability, Travel, Gains & Fulfillment of Desire, Investments, Stock Markets, Inheritance, Early settlement of life, Spiritualism, Astral Remedies and every aspect of life

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