The Nawabi Festival Of Deccan

Deccan FestivalOrganised by the Andhra Pradesh Department of Tourism, the Deccan Festival is one of the most sought after festivals in the state. It is organised in the month of February or March for five continuous days.  The Qutub Shahi Tomb, in the Hyderabad, is selected as the venue for this festive.The purpose of the Deccan festival is to highlight the culture, arts and crafts of the historically enriched Hyderabad.

The Deccan festival represents the face of the culture of the place, visiting the festive certainly entitles the tourists to know about the city, about its culture, and more. This is a great occasion to feel the vibrant rhythm of the city of the Nawabs. Not only the people of Hyderabad, people from the state and across the country collect to participate in the festive and submerge in the essence of culture. This festive also attracts International tourists from different countries. The culturally enriched Hyderabad comes alive with this festival and this festival also promotes the tourism industry of the place.

The music concerts

The music concertsheld during the festival takes the occasion to a new height. Ghazals and qawwalis that bear an intrinsic connection with the place are mostly presented in these concerts. The basic theme of the festival is to revive the culture of the place and highlight its aspects, and these particular gharanas of music are one of the oldest things that bear the essence of the Nawabi culture of the place.
Famous ghazal and qawwali artists from across the state, and also from different parts of the country participate in the concerts and their excellent performances gives a feel of the old Nawabi days to the crowd.  Apart from the singers of these particular gharans other famous singers also make their performances on stage that works as one of the main attraction of the concerts.

The Mushairas

This is the other special attraction of this festival.  Extensive mushairas or poetry sessions are arranged in the festival. Local poets as well as famous artists take part in these sessions. Just like the Qawwali and ghazals, mushairas also have an intrinsic connection with the Nawabi days, and thus represent the actual essence of the culture. The mushairah sessions and competitions are a unique part of this festival and attract lots of viewers.

Folk dances

This is another major attraction especially for the international tourists. The state houses numerous famous folk dance groups. These folk dancers represent the culture of the state very well. Dance concerts are arranged in the festival in order to give the visitors a total idea about the every aspect of the culture of the place.

The arts, crafts and the Nawabi cuisine

A bangle and pearl fair is also held at the place. These shops display a great collection of the pearl jewelleries and different patterns of bangles. You can find a great collection of the local arts and crafts in the shops that can serve as a great memoir of the trip. The food fair is another attraction that covers Andhra and Hydrabadi cuisine.


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