Famous Durga Puja Celebration in Bengal

Durgapuja FestivalThe Durga Puja is the top venerated festival in Bengal. This festival is celebrated with a lot of zest and exuberance especially through the people of eastern India. During the festival season, the Durga Puja festival is celebrated every year. According to the Hindu solar calendar, the Durga Puja comes between the month of October and November. This Puja celebrates for 9 days that period is also known as Navaratri. Some important festivals like Dussehra, Ram Navami and Navaratri Puja are celebrated in some states in India.

The Durga Puja festival is celebrated and worshipped to commemorate the triumph of good over an evil. According to the Hindu mythology, the great God Lord Shiva impressed through his meditation and Mahisasura, the prayer of demons, who bestowed him with the boon, which no God or man would kill him. By getting the boon, Mahisasura killed many people and threw the Gods outside. The Gods were terrified and went to Lord Shiva for complaining the atrocities about Mahisasura as well as sought his interventions. The God Lord Shiva angered and opened his 3rd powerful eye and made a woman with powerful attributes and presented with a trident. Therefore, all gods present there, they presented her with powerful weapons. Agni a dart, Kala a sword, Vishwakarma an axe, Varuna a conch, Vayu a bow and much more. The Himvan presented here along with a lion. Thus, the Goddess Durga was born.

The Goddess Durga rides a lion, started to kill Mahisasura. She attacked and beheaded him, so that, she is also called as a slayer of Mahisasura or Mahisasurmadini. Before his breath, the demon asked his last wish, which he too needs to be worshipped from people along with her. So, the goddess Durga granted the wish and since, the Mahisasura always be presented at her feet.

The Lord Ram is an another legend, before starting his battle with Ravana, because of rescuing his wife Sita, seeking for Devi Durga’s blessings. He pleased the Goddess that he need to offer hundred blue lotuses or neel-kamal to her. The Lord Ram travelled the entire world and found 99 roses. So, he finally decides to provide one eye, so that, ram is also called as Kamal-Nayan. Because of Ram devotion, the Goddess Durga appeared and blessed him for success. The battle began between Ram and Ravana, on the 7th day the Ravana was killed on Sandhikshan. Therefore, the 9 day Puja was presented. The 7th day Puja is also called as Akal Bodhan Puja.

The Durga Puja celebration starts on the 1st day known as Mahalaya. The week, which follows the Mahalaya also known as Debi-Pokhsha. Generally, the Durga Puja begins on Saptami and continues celebrating till Dashami. On the 6th day, all women perform fasting on Sashthi to get happiness and well prosperity for their children and family. On Ashtami, the vegetarian food only eaten by the people. The final day is Navami celebrates for Goddess Durga. On the day of Dashami, a big procession can be carried out in Bengal as well as the idol will be carried and immersed in the sea.  


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