Gather Jointly and Celebrate This Dussehra Festival Happily and Marvelously

Dussehra FestivalDussehra is the famous festival which was celebrated on the last day of the Navaratri festival. This festival was celebrated on the 10th day of the shining moon day of the month Ashwin, in this day commemorates defeat of the demon god Ravana by the lord Rama. Hindus history believes that lord Rama along with the brother Lakshmana and army of monkey beaten Ravana in a massive battle that are continued for more than 10 long days. In every year this festival was celebrated in the last month of September and the first week of the October. This festival dates are determined rendering to lunar calendar. It is celebrated in different states of India and all people join together to perform the story of Dussehra on the special occasion.

How Dussehra Celebrated?
Dussehra is a festival which is also interpreted as a Dasa – Hara that means killing of the 10 headed Ravana. In this day joy and happiness remains in all the families and songs are also sung in praising of Rama. People will celebrate this festival by exaggerated costumes, makeup, jewelry and they play drama which will reveals the story of these festivals. The celebration and observances of Dussehra are various from different parts of this country. This festival is celebrated as per the culture. This festival was specially celebrated in Delhi, Mysore, Varanasi, and Karnataka and here much culture performance, fairs and other highlight of the ten day fiesta is the grand pageant of ornamented elephants and protectors to companion the Goddess over the city.

Rituals Performed During Dussehra

Festival dussehra is considered as the favorable time of the day and various requisites for the work are adored on that day. At present even the computing and laptop devices also worshipped and the performance during the festival is confidently grounded in custom. People also worshipped the weapon along with the tree on that dussehra and pray to the Lord.

This Dussehra festival is celebrated from all over India and pursues the 9 day fiesta of Navratas. On this special day images of Ravana, his son Meghnad and his brother Kumbhkaran are burnt by inhabitants across India. The country eyewitnesses huge Ramaleela functions that are basically arena plays spread over several days and illustrating the existence of the Lord Rama. The final day of Ramaleela function observes the smoldering of the 3 images as above mentioned indicating the great victory of Good over wickedness.

In this special occasion, all neighbors gather in a place and enjoy the festival by sharing happiness with everyone. In this festival many new delicious dishes are prepared and served to the guest and give them treat on the special day. Even the children will also celebrate this festival happily by praying Ramas and acting as a character which existing in the story Dussehra. They also burn cracks and enjoy the festival with their friends. This festival is the best way to meet their friends and relatives after long days. Plan the festival in a grand way and celebrate in different way in this year.


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