DwarkaDwarka is a city and a municipality located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat state in India. Dwarka, also known as Dwarawati in Sanskrit literature is rated as one of the seven most ancient cities in the country. The legendary city of Dvaraka was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. It is believed that due to damage and destruction by the sea, Dwaraka has submerged six times and modern day Dwarka is the 7th such city to be built in the area
Besides being a Sapta Puri, a Dhama, and a Shankaracharya Mutt, Dwarka is also visited by large numbers of pilgrims because of its association with the great bhakti saint Mira Bai. One of India's most popular saints, Mira Bai renounced her splendid life as the wife of a powerful 16th century king to dedicate her days to the worship of Lord Krishna.
Ancient legends of Dwarka tell that the holy city was long ago entirely swept away by a great wave of water. This legend, disregarded by contemporary historians and archaeologists, has recently been given credence by findings of the new science of inundation mapping, which produces accurate models of ancient shorelines at specific dates. The legend has been given further support by oceanographic studies which have proven the existence of submerged temple structures off the coast of Dwarka.

The city derives its name from word "Dwar" meaning door in Sanskrit. Dwarka is one of the holiest cities in Hinduism and one of the 4 main "dhams" along with Badrinath, Puri, Rameshwaram.
The Jagatmandir temple which houses the Dwarkadhish, a form of Krishna is also located in Dwaraka.
Nageshwar Jyotirling, one of the 12 holy shrines of Lord Shiva, is located near Dwaraka.
Dwarka is also the site of Dwaraka Pītha (also known as Kālikā Pītha), one of the four cardinal mathas established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the others being those at Sringeri, Puri and Jyotirmath.


Other sacred sites associated with Krishna are Mathura, Vrindivana, Gokula, Barsana, Govardhana and Kuruksetra.
Places to see in Dwarka
Nageshwar Temple, Dwarka - a famous Shiva temple and one among the 12 Jyotirlingas
Shree Swaminarayan Temple - Dwarka
Rukmini Hrid - collection of 7 ponds.
Brahma kund.
Bet Dwarka, a small island near Dwarka
Somnath Temple famous Lord Shiva Temple


How to Reach Dwarka-
Jamnagar, 145 kilometres away, is the nearest airport.
By Rail-
Dwarka is on the Western Railway line. Dwarka and Jamnagar are connected by railway line, and there are trains to Mumbai via Rajkot and Ahmedabad.
By Road-
State Transport buses, private buses and taxis run to all points in Saurashtra, and to Ahmedabad.


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