Elephant Festival With Its Elegant And Colorfully Decorated Elephants

Elephant FestivalThe Elephant Festival is celebrated in Jaipur, Rajasthan that is a state in India. The festival is generally held in the Holi day in the month of March. The festival is all about the elephant dance and elephant polo. The beautifully decorated and bejeweled elephants are set forth in a procession and there are other animals like the camels and the horses too. The folk dancers of the area also join the procession and enjoy themselves. The owner of the elephant makes the elephant stand out in the procession by their riot of colors that are seen in the jhool and in their jewelries.

Elephants are considered majestic
You can find the female elephants are decorated with anklets and making a beautiful sound as they walk. The people sprinkle the colors of holi or gulal from the top of the elephant. The elephants are considered majestic and very humble from the time of purana or the Holy Scriptures and the Hindu Mythology gives the elephant the place of supremacy. The time of ‘Samudra Manthan’ or the churning of the sea by the demons and the Gods together the Gods receive an elephant that was named Airavata and later became attached with Indra as his mode of vehicle or vahana.

Place of the festival

The elephant is also the symbol of the Indian culture and it gives off a royal status to the families who own the elephant because of its size and in the way of majestic movement that it makes. This is the reason the association of the elephant is considered royal in the festivals of Rajasthan. The Elephant Festival is held in the Chaugan Stadium of Jaipur and it starts from the evening around 4 pm and it continues till around 7 pm. The stadium is right in the middle of the city and so it is a good thing for the citizen to be able to join in the festival. The entrance is free for everyone.

Celebration of the festival

The celebration of the festival starts with the traditional method of walking of the elephants in a procession. The elephants move in the procession that travels through the road of the city and to the stadium. In reaching the stadium they parade the stadium as the catwalk models. They join in the beauty contest and folk dances are also a part of the program. The elephants are included in different games like tug of war and other regular events. The people also play holi with the dry color while they are riding the elephant. The fireworks are ignited and the night sky becomes bright and beautiful from the elephant festival’s glittering moments.

Jaipur was a favorite of the British and the important personalities of the British period and the Maharajas of the place used to bring their guests of honor for the ride of elephant and they used to ride to the Amber palace. The same thing is held on to today and the mahouts or the rider of the elephant takes people till the Amber palace. The whole thing now is initiated by keeping the tourists in mind. The elephants walk through the roads of the old city and make a mark in the mind of the people who are happy with playing holi the whole day. This festival brings the people of the city and the foreigners together to enjoy the colorful festival.


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