Father's Day Festival For Spending The Day Celebrating The Significance Of A Father

Father's Day FestivalThe Father’s Day festival is something that is celebrated all over the world to appreciate the role played by the father in the life of the children who are going to grow up to become responsible people like their father. The stronger society is the aim of the festival as the bonding with the father is the main aim of the celebration of Father’s day. The fathers have been revered by the society at all times and the global reasoning of the importance of the father in a family is always signified. The festival is just the official recognition of the significant role of the father.

Wishing the fathers in the day
The Father’s Day celebration was started by Ms Sonora Louse Smart Dodd who lived in Washington. The story shows the unflagging urge of the lady to honor all the fathers all over the world. The historians find there was a norm of upholding the glory of the father even a thousand years ago. The city of Babylon about 4000 years ago had a son named Elmesu and he prepared a clay card that marked some messages for his father. It talked about the long life to his father and a healthy existence and this has been taken up today and you have cards prepared for wishing the fathers a prosperous and happy life.

Celebration and the daughter who recognized her father

The celebration of the Father’s Day was also seen in different times in history and the most effective contribution to this festival is given by Ms. Sonora Louise Dodd. She is a doting daughter to his father and she is the person considered to have started this celebration successfully. She heard about the mother’s day ceremony and the 27 year old took to her mind the hardships faced by her father who had to bring up six of them alone. Her mother died when she was 16 and the father who was a veteran of the Civil War took to bringing up his six children single handedly. That included the new born.

Date for celebration

The father William Jackson Smart thus became the first father for the celebration of the Father’s Day. Sonora heard about mother’s day and then she started lobbying for a cause of Father’s Day. The enthusiasm brought success and she celebrated the first father’s day on 19th of June, 1910 with the support of some associations. She wished that Father’s Day be celebrated on 5th of June that was her father’s birthday. There was no time for preparation and the day became to be the third Sunday in June and the festival is celebrated on the third Sunday of June till this day.

You can show your love and respect to your father and dedicate a day to remember his contribution towards your growing up. There started the celebration and people used to make cards with quotes and some heartfelt messages to express their love to their father. The people who stayed away wanted to spend the day with their dad. The children gave their father small bouquet of fresh and colorful flowers and small gifts. The day is generally spent in picnic or similar outings with the whole family and especially with the father.

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