Five Feng Shui Elements

The Five Feng Shui Elements are: water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. Like people, each element has its own unique personality that either enables it to "get along with" the other elements, or to "fight against" the other elements if the balance is not right.

Each Feng Shui element has unique properties.

1. Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth, while running sink or toilet water that is just wasting water may signal loss of money or poor health.

2. Wood promotes development and creative energies. Wooden objects promote motivation, inspiration and passion without overwhelming home.

3. Metal elements are transmitters or conductors of energy. Introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area. Various types of metals are considered very precious for their associations with health—for example, many people wear copper bracelets.

4. The Earth has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home.

5. The element of Fire is considered the most powerful of all five elements and represents energy and passion.

Though the properties of Feng Shui elements individually are important, what is more important is the positive or destructive effect that each element can have on one another, because the compatibility of elements depends upon the Cycles of elements.

Let us know about these elements in detail

Water is one of the five main feng shui elements and is very important to know its properties at the time of looking for a proper feng shui balance within any house or work environment. According to feng shui, the wind makes chi move and flow while water has the power of retaining it. Therefore, water can turn into a very important chi attractor element and life energy source. Water can help those who use it appropriately to keep good and positive energy around it.Living beings need water to survive and have always tended to build their living spaces near this element. Feng shui indicates the use of water whenever wealth and success needs to be called or maintained within a house or work environment. Water also strengthens relationships and helps people maintaining them through time. According to feng shui, if you keep water sources such as fountains or ponds, the water must be clear, clean and circulating.

Dirty or inactive water can attract the opposite of what water is meant to provide, and therefore bring poverty or lack of success for the place where it is. Water allows life to be created and grow, nourishing and sustaining it. It is an indispensable natural element which power can bring benefits and balance within our lives besides of actually making it possible.

The element wood represents the birth of new life and renewal in general. Wood also represents spring and fresh air, and is not only one of the main feng shui elements but also a very easy to use as a remedy. Wood represents the east and southeast areas of a house or work space. These areas symbolize creativity, children, travel and helpful people. Wood is represented by all shades of green as well as by plants and flowers. So, for example, by adding any green object to it or painting the walls in light green. You can also place plants in strategic spots which could not only add wood but also attract chi. Wood renews and brings agility to the flow of Chi within any space, bringing new life and movement to everything which surrounds it. Whenever there is a dark corner or unused area within an environment where chi doesn't flow, placing a plant at it would fix the problem. Wood can be very helpful whenever a renewal is needed. Although wood is a very positive element, it should never be used in an excessive amount or the balance of the elements would be lost. Every element should be used in the needed amount according to the area where it is and the amount of other elements present in it.

Metal is the most yang of the feng shui elements and is the element most recommended in order to attract wealth and prosperity to any environment. It is very powerful and can cause a very strong effect on the other elements as well as on the living beings that surround it. Metal can be corresponded to by any metal object as well as by the colors which symbolize it, and it is very easy to be added to a house in a way that looks both natural and decorative. Metals can be used not only to attract wealth and prosperity but it is also necessary for achieving the right balance and harmony within any environment. There should be something of metal in any environment in order to harmonize it as well as add strength and power. If you wish to add the element metal to a space, you can do so by placing many different objects in the proper area. Anything made of a metal, such as bronze, brass, silver, copper or gold would be able to help you adding this element and creating the wished balance. The element metal is also used in order to help people improving life areas such as power, strength, creativity, and goal achievements. The colors which represent this element are all gray shades and white, and either by adding this color or metal objects to the right spot, these life areas would become benefited.

Earth is the nourishing feng shui element. It provides not only nutrition but also solidity and a base for the rest of the elements as well as for living beings. It also represents the mountains, which are very important natural elements for ancient Chinese cultures and feng shui. Earth is a fundamental element for humans as well as for any other living beings, and there can not be harmony or life without it. Earth is necessary for us to achieve the balance necessary for being healthy and keep sickness away, and we should make sure there is some of this element in the central area of our house. There are several different ways in which we can add earth element to an environment. The most used way to add earth is by the colors that represent it which are the oranges shades, brown, and yellow tones. It is also possible to add earth by adding objects which either represent it or contain it within their components such as ceramics, rocks, or terracotta ornaments. While fire strengthens earth, earth controls fire. This relationship between fire and earth can be used as very important feng shui remedies and the achievement of balance. Every decorative object made of a stone, rock, or earth related material would represent and add earth to the environment where it is placed.

Fire is one of the five main feng shui elements, and it is characterized by being the one which contains more yang energy among them. Vital energy is composed by yin and yang; yin is the feminine, dark and cold energy, while yang represents aspects such as masculinity, light and heat. Consequently, due to the heat and light, there is no other element more yang than fire. The element fire is constantly present in our lives, we use it every day and sometimes we don't even realize we do it. We need fire to keep warm when it's cold, for cooking; it would even help us defending ourselves from animals in the woods. It is a very strong power that must be appreciated; it can hurt us and cause great damage if we loose control of it. Fire is very powerful and effective when used as a feng shui cure or remedy, so usually it doesn't take a great amount of it to achieve the balancing purpose. In order to achieve balance by adding the element fire, we don't always need to place actual fire but we can place objects and colors representing it. All red shades represent fire and this color can be used instead of the element itself when needed. In its relations with the other elements, fire strengthens earth and reduces wood. These aspects allow many feng shui remedies to achieve their purposes and create harmony within spaces. Whenever there is too much wood element within a space and it causes problems, we can place fire and let it absorb the wood harmful effects. When it is used correctly, the element fire can not only help us achieving the proper balance among elements, but it can also help us attracting wealth and strengthening relationships. But it must be used carefully, since if its power is wrongly applied, it can bring health problems and weaken our relationships.

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