The creative and the destructive elements' cycles

The five feng shui elements, earth, wood, fire, water and metal affect each other according to a destructive and a creative cycle. These elements not only create balance and harmony allowing us to improve each one of our lives' areas, but also the way in which one element affect the other. This effect can be creative as well as destructive. It can also be used as a way to achieve the proper balance among them.

1. In the creative cycle, water nourishes wood, wood feeds fire, fire creates earth, earth produces metal and metal creates water. The elements create each other and are co-dependant, if there was one of them missing the chain would break. Consequently, each one of the elements is necessary for the creative cycle to be complete and allow the achievement of balance and harmony.

2. Conversely, in the destructive cycle one element destroys another and eliminates the effects it causes within an environment. According to this cycle, water extinguishes fire, fire dissolves metal, metal cuts wood, wood consumes earth, and earth absorbs water. This harsh relationship between the elements allows the application of many feng shui cures and remedies. The destructive cycle allows the possibility of eliminating the effect of an element which can not be eliminated in another way.

Sometimes, some feng shui experts also use a third element's cycle called the exhaustive cycle. This cycle allows diminishing the negative effect which an element could cause within a specific area. In this cycle, wood exhausts water, water exhausts metal, metal exhausts earth, earth exhausts fire, and fire exhausts wood.

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