Gandhi Jayanti Festival Signifies The Inimitable Dedication Of Mahatma Gandhi In India’s Independence

Gandhi Jayanti Festival

The celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
Different sorts of festivals are celebrated by the people in various regions according to their native place and its traditional culture. Out of these various celebrations, Gandhi Jayanti is one of the well-known festivals in India. This festival is celebrated by Indian Government on 2nd October of every year, which is the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi. To honor the birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian people celebrate this festival in October 2 and it is one of national holiday in Indian country. This festival is celebrated by the people from all Indian states as well as union territories. The duration of this Gandhi Jayanti festival is one day and it highly represents the significance role of Mahatma Gandhi in Indian freedom
Education and early life of Mahatma Gandhi
When consider about the idol of this festival Mahatma Gandhi, he is the father of Indian nation by his dedicated and benevolent service in the Independence of India. In the year of 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat. The native place of Mahatma Gandhi is Porbandar, which is the coastal city of Gujarat. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is popularly known by the name of Gandhiji and he is the preeminent and most reputed leader of Indian self-governance. He has completed his schoolings in a local school of Porbandar and got married with kasturba Gandhi during the age of 13. After his marriage, Gandhi continued his studies in United Kingdom under the profession of law.
After completed the study of law in United Kingdom, he attended the law training in South Africa to enhance his knowledge and proficiency in the field of law.

During this period, he opposed the national and colonial inequity and started the disobedience activities against those discrimination aspects. After that, he came back to India in the year of 1915 to give his full support for the struggle that is planned to get the freedom of India. He guided the struggle of India’s independence in a non-violence manner. During this period, he used exceptional weapon ahimsa to battle the British rulers.

Exceptional instruments of Gandhiji

Through his unique kind of non-violence activities and his expert knowledge in laws, Gandhiji led an enormous team against the rule of British Government. By his non-violence struggle against national discrimination, Mahatma Gandhi is an inimitable preacher of ahimsa and truth without a doubt. He introduced the unusual kind of instrument in his struggles like Satyagraha, which is another weapon of Mahatma Gandhi similar to Ahimsa. These both instruments helped to bring the exciting changes for the freedom of India.

Apart from these wholehearted service for the independence of India, Mahatma Gandhi is also served his dedicated support for the poor people and he struggled against untouchability inequity by caste. He said that, everyone has equal rights to live with others without any discrimination related with caste and class. Because of these inimitable service for the independence of Indian country and wholehearted service for unfortunate people, Mahatma Gandhi is reputed by the name of Father of Indian nation and his birthday is celebrated as a festival of Gandhi Jayanti.


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