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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Gemini - Sagittarius


Match Making Gemini Sagittarius

The combination of Gemini and Sagittarius is a unique one. In this asociation both the natives are near yet far. Both love to travel hence they will not spend much time together. This compatibility can be quite risky hence it’s success rate is unpredictable. There are going to be plenty of exciting chemistry between Gemini and Sagittarius due to their unique and opposite tempraments. But their diveres disposition can drift them in opposite diretion too. This compatibility involves plenty of luck and chances for its sustainability.

Both the natives are intellectuals as well as Social. Gemini, infact, is more than out of the two. Both Gemini and Sagittarius need freedom and are very restless and impatient. This is not a very promising pairing where sparks will be flying in positive as well as negative sense. Usually opposites are considered a great match but this combination is intimidating. Both the natives have fluctuating natures that have become part of their personality. Both the signs seel considerable variety in their life. Their agility and continuous movement is also quite prominent in their compatibilty.

Emotional Compatibility

This emotional compatibility of this relationship will have a good commencement but may have a dull end. Nothing exciting is going to be a part of this relationship in the long-term. Emotionally speaking, both Gemini and Sagittarius could be drawn together at first but later on their emotional chemistry will be without the desirable fizz. Both the natives enjoy a great deal of socializing and partying out. But a strict and intellectual approach of Sagittarius will seem very deliberate and calculated to Gemini. Gemini will have intellectuality but along with that warm and gracious emotions that bring verve into relations. Sagittarius might also behave in a critical and sarcastic behavior that is going to hurt Gemini. This might affect this relationship. There has to be more than what it is there to keep this relationship going. Sagittarius will have a shifty perception of the world, always changing and getting influenced by others. While Gemini will have a clear and unambiguous way of viewing the situation, Sagittarius will have an ever-changing outlook. 

Professional Compatibility

Basically Gemini and Sagittarius is very restless and argumentative. They will find it extremely tough to stick to one place, person or situation. This can cause problem in thir professional compatibility. A Sagittarius believes in completely indulging himself or herself in work but this is simply out of question for Gemini. For Gemini play is more important than work. Gemini will take his work life in as it is situation. Sagittarius will be rather more methodical and disciplines about life.
The professional compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius can be successful both the natives will act flexible and adaptable at work place. The duo will be very gregarious, frank and independent in their dealings. The problems might crop up when Sagittarius will prefer to be ambitious and Gemini will prefer to be spendthrift and have shortsightedness in ventures and projects. Such difference in professional dispositions can cause bad temper and sarcastic remarks. Gemini’s mind will be filled with grand dreams and vision of success and triumph which will be intermittently fuelled by a Sagittarius. The professional compatibility can definitely be achieved by few adjustments from both the natives.

Romantic Compatibility

The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite in their basic disposition and thus, may be, get attracted to each other like magnets.  During their romantic rendezvous, both the natives act tirelessly. But they are so unpredictable that they cannot be trusted together as lovers for very long. Gemini will often criticize Sagittarius' behavior during their romantic outings. They will also disappoint each other during intimate moments. This is primarily due to the facts that both the natives are not very expressive and demonstrative. Plus Gemini can act as a put off due to his sharp verbal strike. Apart from this, one good thing about this relationship is their undemanding nature. Their romantic association might begin on a whim and come to end suddenly as well. The romantic compatibility will require plenty of effort from both the sides to make it a success. Both the natives need to act as an intimate couple to manifest their romantic expression.

Marital Compatibility 

This marriage, if ever, will be a confluence of tow diverse personalities. Gemini will be all soaked up in the intellectual side of social life. Sagittarius whereas will prefer to lead this marriage in a philosophical and idealistic manner. They will love to travel around the world but, separately. This marital will definitely bring together Gemini and Sagittarius through amalgamation of their cultural and philosophical interests but if seen in depth, and with far sightedness, all will appear absolutely conflicting. But with a little effort from both the sides, this marriage commitment can be magical and full of reverie. But, both Gemini and Sagittarius, being undependable signs, may find it tough to make firm decisions about a future life. These could be undesired delays and unusual obstacles in this marriage. This mish mash of differences and similarities means that some effort is required to make this marital relationship work. Both must explore their likes and dislikes collectively. There will also be plenty of positive physical compatibility that would stimulate the communicative style of both Gemini and Sagittarius.

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