White Sapphire Gemstone

Birth, Gem Stones As Per Indian Vedic Astrology

White SapphireWhite Sapphire is not very commonly found in gem quality. In fact larger sizes of good quality of white sapphires are even rarer. White sapphire is authentic sapphire that is colorless and has similar hardness as blue sapphires and sapphires in other colors. White Sapphire provokes purity and fearlessness. It also enhances artistic abilities and purifies our passions. White sapphire corresponds to Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, arts and married life. Just like Jupiter, it bequeaths money, comforts and fortune on a person if strongly and significantly placed. White sapphires usually come out of the ground as light grey or brown and are then heated to clear them. Very rare stones are found to be in a clear state.
The value of White Sapphire depends on its size, color and transparency. Not only its fine quality but its origin also plays a major role. The most priceless are authentic Kashmir stones. Then comes Burmese sapphires and then sapphires from Ceylon.
White sapphire gemstones are also a popular and a good substitute for diamonds to suit one’s budget. They have first-rate durability and come second only to diamonds when compared to hardness. Large sized white sapphires are hard to find and most of the larger pieces have a slight pale blue or pale green tint to them. To put in simple words, white sapphires are full of beauty, durability and versatility and a gorgeous gemstone.

Sizes Available
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 carats
Shapes Available
Country of Origin
Sri Lanka

Grades Available:

Price Range


Regular White Sapphire Gemstone

USD 250 to 1034

Crystalline inclusions. Finger Print. Cloudy

Super Fine White Sapphire Gemstone

USD 376 to 1454

Crystalline inclusions. Finger Print. Less Cloudy

Premium White Sapphire Gemstone

USD 656 to 2478

Crystalline inclusions. Finger Print. Minor Cloudy

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