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Question:  The question i want to ask is that I am currently very nicely placed but my service keeps me away from home for months for this i started a small business in 2005 July, should i continue my business or job! as per my birth chart / horoscope.

Answer: You are a talented, regal, affable person and blessed with attractive physical form and artistic sensitivity. Your creative output, especially in visionary or imaginative literature is substantial. Your sense of responsibility is enormous; whenever you accept the responsibility for any task, you would certainly see it to its successful completion. Above all you possess fine tastes, good etiquette, enjoy living luxuriously and place the highest value on the material comforts.
The lord of the house governing social status i.e. Moon is well placed as well as in strong strength in your birth chart / horoscope . Its good placement and strength is favourable for enjoying good health and satisfaction from your social status. However the lord of the house representing income i.e. Mars is comparatively weak in strength in your birth chart / horoscope . Its natal weakness often results in instability in or dissatisfaction from income. In other words, you might feel sometimes that your income is not commensurate to the amount of knowledge you possess and efforts you put in.
In order to compensate the above-mentioned weakness you should stick to a suitable job or field as long as possible. It would be further beneficial to pursue a job instead of going in for business. Above all you should observe patience, monitor accounts properly and keep important records intact. Such an approach would be advantageous for enjoying satisfaction from your achievements.

Presently you are passing through the sub period of Moon in the main period of Saturn as per your birth chart / horoscope . Its sub period has been in operation from 17th December 2005 and would last till 18th July 2007. Moon represents social status, family, wealth etc. in your birth chart / horoscope . In addition to this it naturally signifies mind, mental peace, wealth, wife, mother etc. It is well placed as well as in strong strength in the ascendant in your birth chart / horoscope .

The good placement, strength and influence of Moon in your birth chart / horoscope indicate that you possess sound mind, always operate with a clear conscience and never have regrets or a sense of guilt. In addition to this your intuitive power is quite strong and you are capable of applying your mind effectively as well as imaginatively in assessing any situation. Above all such planetary placements are favourable for enjoying happy family life as well as satisfactory social as well as the financial status. Keeping in view the above, the present sub period is conducive for enjoying good health, personal life, consolidating monetary condition as well as enjoying satisfaction from your social as well as financial status. Therefore, you should try to put in your best foot forward in order to attain your aims during the present sub period.

I would like to mention that in the immediate future you would find the months of November and December 2006 to be demanding from the viewpoint of your income. Your income may fluctuate during this period. To remain on the safer side you should exercise patience, maintain cool and avoid taking significant decisions/changing job/ professional field during this time frame. An improvement in this regard and routine life is indicated from January 2007.

Regarding your query, in the near future the period from 18th July 2007 to 18th July 2008 would be somewhat challenging from the monetary. Keeping in mind the above as well as the planetary configuration of your birth chart / horoscope  you are advised to remain in your present job. In case you are capable enough to run your business on part time basis then you should opt to that otherwise pay necessary attention towards your present job.


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