ACTUAL SAMPLE- Professional Report- One Year

Name: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xx xxxx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:xx Hrs.
West Bengal, India

Your Horoscope / Birth Chart:

Your Natural Friends & Enemies

Your Vedic ascendant is Gemini. Your Moon sign (Rashi) is Cancer. In addition to this your birth star (Nakshatra) is Pushya.

Before going through the analytical report it is of great importance to understand the basic nature of various planets in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. In brief:

Functional Benefic Planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

Functional Malefic Planets: Rahu & Ketu

Basic Potential (From Professional Viewpoint)  

The lords of the houses governing professional status as well as accumulation of wealth planet Moon is well placed as well as in strong strength in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. The good placement and strength of these planets indicates that you have been blessed with excellent professional skills. In addition to this, such planetary configurations are favourable for achieving professional success as well as earning income of a high order.

Your Strength:  

You are an intelligent person and your assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers are commendable. In addition to this you have been blessed with a sound and imaginative mind. It is pertinent to mention that your powers of persuasions and logic could be very effective in changing the opinion and attitude of others. Above all you are aware of your actual strength and weakness and never overextend yourself.

Your Weaknesses:  

Sun and Jupiter the planets that represent efforts, aims, partnerships/alliance etc. and signify authority, management and higher ups are weak in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. The above-mentioned natal planetary weaknesses result in lack or loss of efforts, loss in joint ventures, difficulties in attaining aims, differences with the higher ups or difficulties in enjoying favours from the officials.

In order to compensate the above-mentioned weakness you need to increase efforts, improve managerial qualities and maintain smooth relationships with the higher ups or the person in authority. Above all you should avoid working in joint-ventures and remain cautious from your alliances since your closest friend/relation may deliver the fatal blow.

Present Main Period:  

Currently you are passing through the main period of afflicting Ketu. Its main period has been in operation from 7th March 2004 and would last till 7th March 2011.

Ketu is a natural and malefic planet in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. Normally it slow downs the development of the traits of the houses or planets that are under its close influence and results in unhappiness. In addition to this, it causes miseries also. Ketu is closely influencing the planet Sun in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. The malefic influence of Ketu on Sun is likely to result in occasional health problems, lack of efforts, difficulties in enjoying suitable rewards of your efforts, some sort of dissatisfaction from social standing or differences with the higher ups.

In order to minimize the evil influences of Sun you need to work hard, take care of health and increase efforts slightly more. It would be further beneficial to improve your organizing abilities and avoid cropping up differences with the officials. Such an approach would be advantageous for enjoying good health, satisfaction from social standing, favours from the higher ups as well as suitable rewards of your sincere efforts during the overall main period of Ketu.

To conclude, the planet Ketu would not let you enjoy the situation in which you are placed during its main period. Notwithstanding the above the approach suggested above would prove advantageous for you. It would be further beneficial not to waste your precious time in thinking what happened in the past or how the things took a u-turn. Rather you should try to make fresh plans to implement them in the subsequent favourable periods.

The operating Sub periods during next one years:  

You would be passing through the sub period of strong well placed Moon in the main period of afflicting Ketu from 8th February 2006 to 8th September 2006. Moon is a benefic planet for you and represents social status, family, wealth etc. in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. In addition to this it signifies mind, mental peace, wealth etc.

The good placement, strength and influence of Moon in your Horoscope / Birth Chart indicate that you possess sound mind, always operate with a clear conscience and never have regrets or a sense of guilt. In addition to this your intuitive power is quite strong and you are capable of applying your mind effectively as well as imaginatively in assessing any situation. In brief, the current sub period of Moon that has been in operation from 8th February 2006 and would last till 8th September 2006 has been conducive for enjoying good health, personal life as well as satisfaction from your social as well as financial status. Therefore, you should put in your best foot forward in order to accomplish your objectives and goals.

The following sub period would belong to Mars and would commence from 9th September 2006 to 4th February 2007. Mars is another benefic planet for you and stands for income, fulfilment of desire, gains, friends etc. in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. In addition to this Mars is the natural significator of energy, courage, properties, executive qualities etc.

Mars is favourably placed in your Horoscope / Birth Chart and influencing the houses representing profession, social status, wealth, domestic life and creativity. The good placement and strength of Mars indicates that you are a courageous, aggressive, practical person and prefer action to thought. In addition to this, you have been blessed with excellent executive qualities. Its location and influence in your Horoscope / Birth Chart indicates that the period under consideration would be advantageous for upgrading knowledge, professional skills, enjoying friendly relationships, acquiring properties, starting new ventures, increasing income as well as elevating your professional status further. Therefore you should derive the maximum mileage.

The next sub period would belong to Rahu and would be in operation from 5th February 2007 to 23rd February 2008. Rahu is a natural inauspicious planet and generates illusions. Its influence generally makes a person materialistic, often craving for that what does not belong to him. In addition to this people under its influence generally become overconfident and underestimate situations or people around them. Rahu is casting its close influence on 3rd lord Sun placed in your house of ascendant in your Horoscope / Birth Chart. Therefore you may encounter problems in attaining your aims. Despite this you should maintain low profile, control emotions and put in sincere and focused efforts in the required direction. It would be further beneficial to take significant decisions after weighing all pros and cons. As far as possible you should avoid changing job or field of work during the sub period of Rahu. Generally, according to my experience the main & sub periods of malefic Rahu, Ketu prove difficult bringing in challenges & obstructions in a native’s life, so my advice is to be cautious in this regard as mentioned above. I also want to clarify that you are in the main period of malefic afflicting Ketu as mentioned above till 7th March 2011, it seems in this main period there may be upheavals in your professional & day to day life.

Some important time frames have been given below:

November to January 2007

Your brilliance of mind would help you scale new heights and improve your lifestyle further during this period. Your wisdom would be at the peak and thus the time frame would be gainful as well as productive for you.

February-March 2007

The period would be instrumental in putting into action the plans and ventures prepared earlier provided you work hard and put special emphasis on your style of working.

June-July 2007

You need to take care of health, social standing and avoid starting new ventures. It would be further beneficial to maintain harmonious relationship with the officials.

The overall analysis indicates that the period during the next twelve months is going to be a favourable one from the professional viewpoint. Therefore you should put in sincere and focused efforts and observe necessary precautions during the sensitive time frames. Needless to say that the sub period of Mars i.e. from 9th September 2006 to 4th February 2007 would be instrumental for improving your professional as well as the financial status further.


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