Sample- Business Report

Name: xxxxxxx xxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xx xxxx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:xx Hrs.
Place of Birth: xxxx,India

Your Horoscope:

Your Concerns:  What is the best suited one - Business or employment/service. If business, doing it alone or is partnership with spouse going to yield loss or profit. If service is suitable what kind of occupation /profession is suitable. How is Mars Dasha with respect to business/profession, what does the birth chart / horoscope indicate. 

Your Professional Potential:
 The lords of the houses governing profession and social status are well placed as well as in strong strength in your birth chart / horoscope . The good placement and strength of these planets indicate that you have been blessed with excellent professional skills. In addition to this, such planetary configurations are favourable for achieving professional success as well as enjoying social status of a high order. In short, this aspect is indicating quite favourable results in your birth chart / horoscope .

Despite all these the planets representing disputes, debts, litigation etc. as well as the significators of assessment, accountability and decisive powers are weak in your birth chart / horoscope . Such planetary weaknesses often result in indecisiveness, loss of efforts, lack of knowledge of accounts or difficulties in paying back or recovering old dues. Therefore you need to increase efforts, decide priorities carefully and avoid borrowing/lending substantial sums of money.

Your Professional competence:
The planets signifying medicine, management and administrative jobs, service with the state, fine arts, articles of luxuries and comforts, hotels, real estate, vocations employing fire, chemicals, energy or metals, executive jobs, architecture, builders etc. are well placed in your birth chart / horoscope . Therefore, you may do well in the jobs related to these fields.

Analysis of the Sub Period:
Presently you are passing through the sub period of Jupiter in the main period of Mars. Its sub period has been in operation from 6th May 2007 and would last till 10th April 2008. Jupiter represents diseases, debts, disputes, litigation etc. in your birth chart / horoscope and signifies husband, children and wealth. It is badly placed in the house of losses and closely influencing the planet Moon in your birth chart / horoscope . The influence of Jupiter on Moon indicates that you may suffer on account of health, loss in disputes/litigation or encounter difficulties in overcoming adversary or paying back or recovering old dues during the present sub period. You may also suffer on account of personal life and your expenses might shoot up. Hence you should pay attention towards your health, rein in expenses, avoid taking any kind of risk and let the present sub period pass peacefully.

The planetary configuration of your birth chart / horoscope is quite promising from the viewpoint of professional career. People with such planetary configuration are capable enough to enter in business ventures. However you would be passing through the sub periods of weak planets till 13th October 2010. As a result of which you would encounter difficulties in attaining success of a high order in business venture/s. Hence you should prefer to pursue a suitable job instead of entering in any kind of business activity. The professional fields those are suitable for you have been mentioned above.

This is pertinent to mention that Mars is an extra ordinary benefic planet for you and represents the house of profession in your birth chart / horoscope . It is well placed as well as in strong strength. Therefore its main period is considered to be favourable for upgrading professional knowledge/skills as well as elevating your professional career further. Therefore you should derive the maximum mileage. However you need to remain careful during the sub period of weak and malefic planets

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