Astrological Vedic Remedy

Every individual refers astrology to lead a perfect life in terms of health, wealth, career and overall bliss in life. Vedic astrology can help you in achieving this. We offer to analyze the horoscope of an individual and suggest unique and effective remedial measures to solve their major to minor problems. The Horoscope or more popularly known as kundli is studied in depth and the exact positions of planets and their consequent effect on life are discussed in detail. The only thing that needs to be done on your part is to submit your personal details like date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and our experienced astrologers will accurately evaluate your birth chart in great details. Specific astro-reading would be conducted to understand the relationship between your various stars and planets. Accordingly, the suitable remedies will also be suggested that would include simple activities like –

• Wearing Gems: They strengthen the weak auspicious planets and compliment the already strong planets.

• Performing Puja: Puja or Worship keep make our entire living style healthy and free from disease. They keep the constant flow of vital energy and harmonizes our lives with the cosmic forces, thus eradicating our sorrows of life to bring spiritual advancement.

• Performing Homa: Homa is a sacrificial fire ceremony where the priest offers a lot of puja materials, symbolizing our beliefs and feelings, into the fire.

• Japams: The procedure of japan is performed by a trained Brahmin who is specifically appointed to chant the required mantras for the required days on behalf of the person.

• Daan/Donations : Material which is denoted by the respective malefic planets is donated to lessen their ill effects.

• Fasting: Fasts are recommended on a specific day using crystal or Rudraksha bead. They give the ten fold effect to the person who is observing the fast.

• Yantras/Kavach: These are the "talisman", or "instrument" that are created by an astro-expert to get the fruitful results.

• Amulet ( Taweez): They are prepared by a spiritually trained person to get the desired results.

These meaningful Remedy Reports will let you delve deeper ino astrology to find the long awaited solution that would make your and your loved ones’ lives happy and blissful.

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