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Astro Advice on BusinessNatal Birth Chart / Horoscope of a person indicates his or her professional abilities, area of vocation. Some are destined to do their own business. As the Market analysts say, Business is considered as a risky affair, the bigger the risk, the more the profit. One has to be very careful in selecting a line of business considering various professional aspects, inbuilt capabilities of a person, interests of a person, resources, risk taking courage and so on.


But the main hidden factor is still, The Luck which would favour a particular line of business. There are thousands of vocations to choose from but often an aspiring businessman feels himself lost in these innumerable options. Indian Vedic Astrology has the capabilities to insight a persons birth chart / horoscope and advise him accordingly to enter in a particular line of business and in result minimizing the risk of failure.


Success in a particular business is seen by strength and placement of benefic planets in Natal Birth Chart/Horoscope, i.e. the good placement and strength of planet Sun provides affluent godfather/father, connectivity with highly placed people, early settlement of life, name & fame through conduct and morality. Planet Sun is also responsible for wisdom, administrative qualities and decision. Similarly strength & well placement of Planet Mercury is also considered for communication ability, new initiatives, discrimination power, confidence, analyzation & assumption power. The well placement of Venus provides Global awareness, Team work, Partnership and Alliance.


These are few of the significances mentioned above, Rest of the benefic planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Moon have also their own say and are analyzed in detail. Besides these, the functional malefic planets Rahu Ketu and lord of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are also considered to check if they are having any negative impact on any area of the chart or any planets. These functional malefic planets tend to cause delay, denial, miseries, obstruction, losses through dispute, fire, arson, theft, riots, etc. In addition, the current main operating period and sub operating periods and also the forthcoming main/sub periods are also analyzed for this particular kind of profession or business.


Astrological consultations/reports and advises before entering into new Business / Ventures can avoid setbacks and emotional disturbances in ones life.


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