Get Astrological Auspicious Time For Child Birth

You can get Astrological Auspicious Time for child Birth anywhere in the world only if the child is being born by cesarean section under complete medical supervision.

The auspicious time would be in such Indian Vedic ascendant where maximum numbers of benefic planets are in transit, with strength, no affliction of malefic planets and the current and forthcoming main operating periods are of benefic planets, depending upon the planetary transits of the dates provided by the quarrant. The child birth in the particular auspicious time would provide the child.


# Longevity
# Health
# Good studies
# Good career
# Early settlement of life
# Marital harmony
# Domestic peace
# Beneficial to parents, co-borns
# Gains/Resourses
# Fulfillment of desires in life
# Complete satisfaction in life

For getting the auspicious time you have to provide the tentative 2-3 dates as provided by the medical Specialist, the place where the birth is being made, its Time Zone and any DST applicable.

Query would be responded within 2-7 days, personally and manually by Shri Narinder Juneja (Indian Vedic Astrologer) .


Charges 25  USD





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