Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Astrology and Zodiac Compatibility in your Horoscope/ Birth Chart.

Marriages are made in the heaven and performed on the earth.However, it has been seen and observed that there are several reasons which disturb conjugal life such as difference of opinion, lack of co-operation, stubbornness, egotism, mental strife, extra marital relationship, ignorance towards immediate family, alcoholism, womanising etc. Quite a few marriages end up in incompatibility, disputes, mental agony and divorce due to the above cited and many more endless reasons which lead to living a stressful life. The lives of not only the two married individuals are affected but it also affects the lives of their families, friends and above all, the children.

Moreover, it is important to mention here that despite of the fact that people leading harmonious life, at occasions face serious unexpected problems which disturb their life. This category of events can easily be avoided / dealt with the help of Divine science of Astrology and by the advise of an astrologer & by performing astral remedies. This kind of incompatibility arises because of badly placed, weak, afflicted, malefic nature, bad conjunctions and aspects of the planets of the natives in their respective Birth Chart / Horoscopes in the Divine science of Astrology. Above all, Dashas and transit play a considerable role in the success and failure of a marriage. The native can understandably overcome a lot of incompatibility problems even if there are bad combinations in a native’s birth chart / horoscopes provided his 5th house is unafflicted or there is a good placement of planet in the 5th house and the ascendant lord is free from afflictions and bad placements.

In astrology the prime significators of marriage are planets Venus, Sun, Jupiter and lords of second, forth, seventh, eighth and tenth house. The Zodiac Marital Compatibility can be seen through these planets in combination with the ascendant lord (for vitality and decision), 2nd house lord (for continuity of family life), 3rd house lord (for initiatives), 4th house lord (for family affairs and domestic peace), 5th house lord (for intellect and children), 7th house lord (partner and pleasure there from), 8th house lord (marital tie) and 12th house lord (bed comforts). In checking the Zodiac Marital Compatibility these aspects are to be checked:

• Long marital tie.
• Domestic peace and marital harmony.
• Health and financial stability.
• Career and profession.
• Children and others.

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