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Question: According to my birth chart / horoscope , the Mars sub period (in Jupiter Mahadasha) should be beginning soon. I would like to have your forecast/ predictions and astrological  advise during this period for (1) career and (2) family life. Please email me your astro readings. Thanks.

Answer: I have analysed your birth chart / horoscope with regard to your query.

The analysis indicates that the planet Moon represents the house of profession in your birth chart / horoscope  and naturally signifies wealth and mental peace. It is in its sign of exaltation in your birth chart / horoscope  but is badly placed in the house of obstructions. Its exaltation indicates that you possess sound mind and excellent professional skills. However its bad placement results in some sort of dissatisfaction from the viewpoint of your professional career. This might be due to any reason. Therefore you should remain a bit careful regarding your professional career.
Notwithstanding the above the good placement and strength of Sun the planet governing income and signifying social status is a positive feature in your birth chart / horoscope  and is advantageous forenjoying satisfaction from your income as well as social standing.Further analysis indicates that the lords of the houses representing the house of marriage (Mars), conjugal bliss (Mercury) and the natural significator of wife and marital life are favourably placed as well as in ample strength in your birth chart / horoscope . The good placement and strength of these planets is favourable for enjoying a blissful and prosperous marital life.
At present you are passing through the sub period of Mars in the main period of Jupiter. Its sub period has been in operation from 26th February 2007 and would last till 1st February 2008. It is a benefic planet in your birth chart / horoscope and represents marriage, partnerships, foreign etc. In addition to this Mars signifies courage, energy, property etc. Mars is well placed in the house of social status, family and accumulation in your birth chart / horoscope . Its good placement and potency indicate that the present sub period is advantageous for enjoying family life, marital bliss, long lasting partnerships, acquiring properties, elevating social status as well as consolidating your monetary condition further. Therefore you should derive the maximum mileage.
This is pertinent to mention that Venus the planet that represents health in your birth chart / horoscope and naturally signifies luxuries, marital life, wife etc. would be under the influence of malefic transiting planets from July to September 2007. Though Venus is in sufficient strength in your birth chart / horoscope but the transition of malefic planets over it might result in difficulties in enjoying some of its traits during this time frame. Hence you should remain careful regarding your health as well as affairs in your personal life during this time frame.The malefic transiting planets would be further influencing the planet Jupiter that represents efforts, ambitions, courage etc. and signifies wealth, knowledge, children etc. during the month of December 2007. In such circumstances you might receive some offers for starting / entering in new ventures. However, you have to take every step cautiously as the offers may seem rosy from outside but they are likely to have some or the other catch in it. You are advised to work hard, maintain low profile and avoid starting anything new during this month. It would be further beneficial to pay attention towards your family and keep your expenses under control.

To sum up, the sub period of Mars would be favourable for enjoying personal life, acquiring properties as well as achieving success in professional career. However you need to remain careful during July to September and December 2007.

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